Thursday, September 29, 2005

Campaign 05' Becomes A Festival Of Hate And Frustration; It All Pours Out In A 50,000 Watt Rage, Plus: Guv Gary's Divorce, And: More On Bill's Book 

Mayor Marty
All the pent-up frustration, rage, anger, depression and even hate of Campaign 05' came gushing out in a three hour radio marathon Wednesday with ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez electronically lynched on the powerful, statewide airwaves of KKOB-AM radio and with host Jim Villanucci and your humble blogger donning gas masks as the air turned poisonous.

Think I'm exaggerating? Think again. Mayor Marty bashers phoned in under the cloak of anonymity to resurface years old rumors that he beat his ex-wife, (Didn't she beat him? Asked Villanucci.), that he downloaded questionable stuff from the Internet and that he smashed his car into a telephone pole and it was covered up by the cops! And this is the edited version of what went over the airwaves.

(The ABQ Journal years ago looked into the charges of a cop cover-up regarding alleged domestic violence and came up dry.)

Most of you know that this stuff has been coursing thru the Big Duke City for months. But now with the mayor's re-election looking more and more likely next Tuesday there was no holding back the venom and there was no holding back caller after insistent caller who could offer absolutely no proof of anything, but epitomizing modern day politics, simply threw the charges out as if that was enough to persuade you. The media and press also came under fire with callers claiming they have done nothing to uncover the mayor's alleged wrongdoing. Is this the Limbaugh legacy?

Have I checked this stuff out? Yes, not by investigating it myself but talking to the TV and newspaper reporters whose job it is to look into it. They tell me they have come up empty handed. But that wasn't good enough for a caller who inferred my work as a PR flack indicated I was part of the "conspiracy" to cover up for wayward politicos. Like my work is some kind of big secret? Duh? (The Illuminati meets at 7 p.m. tonight at the PNM building. Arrival by black helicopter is acceptable.)

If the rain of hate over the phone lines wasn't enough, during the many commercial breaks radio ads paid for by the Republican party skewered Chavez even more over ethics, including his attendance at a fundrasing party for his campaign held at the home of alleged State Treasurer bagman Angelo Garcia, as well as one labeling him "Smarty Marty," replete with a childrens chorus mocking him. Dem Chavez had a few ads of his own, but they were drowned out by the incessant pounding of the state GOP.

Ironically, popular host Jim Villanucci is a Chavez supporter and sat calmly through the storm as he was dragged into the fray by the Chavez haters as well as the Chavez campaign which was upset that the charges, already heard via whispering campaign in just about every ABQ household, were now making the air. Jim, can't you make anyone happy?

The whole experience called for a cleansing, so I stopped off at Dillard's and bought some brand new blogging pajamas. At least I can protect them from the mud. I wish I could do the same for my ears.


Several readers of Wednesday's blog wanted to know where they could buy Big Bill's new book,"Between Worlds." Well, the book has not been released yet, but will be available thru Amazon.com. What about an audio version? Will the Guv read it on his own or maybe get Larry Ahrens over at KAGM 106.3 to read the whole thing on his morning radio show? Stay tuned.


Apparently former Governor Gary Johnson has decided to go public with the news of his divorce from wife Dee. Friends have been aware of the split for several months, but because Johnson is no longer in the public eye, the story was left on the shelf. But todays ABQ Journal carries the news that Johnson and his wife are divorcing after "growing apart. Johnson has toyed with the idea of running for Prez in 2008 on a platform of drug legalization. Johnson is retired and spends much of his time pursuing his beloved athletics. The couple have two grown children.

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