Wednesday, October 12, 2005

GOP Gets A Guv Player On Field As Big Bill And Senate Power Struggle Plays Out At The Roundhouse; Details Up Next 

J.R. Damron
Just a week ago the 06' Guv's race looked like the Big Yawn featuring Big Bill, but with the power struggle playing out between the Fourth Floor and the State Senate the Alligators are rushing into the waters and trying to make a game of it. Even the usually napping R's are getting in on the act exercising some decent timing and getting a player on the field during the turmoil. Political newcomer Dr. James Damron, (J.R. to you) a Santa Fe radiologist, will announce his candidacy this weekend, but has already unveiled a radio spot piling on the anti-Bill bandwagon. He calls for refunding a half-billion dollars to New Mexico taxpayers for energy relief compared to the Guv's $100 mill.

While Damron scores for timing, there are still no photos of him in the media and his Web site was off and on while being advertised on the radio. Note to Dr. D: Some voters actually judge how you would run the government on how you run your campaign.


You can be sure that if Big Bill's campaign was unveiled with even one flaw, the offender would be shot on sight, or at least banished to a one bedroom apartment in Hobbs to run the field operation there. But for now the Guv's job is to prevent the wrangling with the senate from getting too out of hand and crafting a compromise. Why present the R's with an actual campaign issue? He has his hands full. Take a look at this e-mail from a deep senate insider:

"The surplus will be around $800 million by the end of the year. The Governor's people are making it seem like a $100 million rebate is big spending. Compared to $800 million, it's peanuts. (Finance Secretary)Jimenez is telling Legislators that he doesn't know what the surplus will be--maybe around $250 million, maybe. So the Guv is being responsible at $100 million and the Senate is being irresponsible at $200M. That's BS.

Richardson wants the surplus to give out pork next year, right before the election. That what this session is about--PORK!" exclaimed our tapped-in insider.

And then there's Independent Guv candidate Eli Chavez who is always waiting in the wings: "I am very proud of our Legislative branch and especially our Senate for doing what is right for New Mexican's in this session. They had the guts to stand up to Richardson and tell him where to get off." penned the always ebullient Chavez.

So what looked like a coronation next year could actually provide us with at least a real debate. You remember those, don't you?

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