Friday, February 17, 2006

Big Bill: Swallow Hard & Spin? Or Fight Again For A Win? Special Session Mulled After Senate Rebels Score; It's A Friday Audio Blog 

Ah, the element of surprise. When the 30 day NM Legislative session got underway the Alligators of La Politica were predicting Big Bill would, as usual, get most of what he wanted with one important caveat--that he not overreach. We also warned of possible problems when he threatened a special session. He did get most of his agenda, but it was the high-profile, glaring exceptions that delivered the surprise and reminded everyone that politics is art, not science.

The session adjourned Thursday without approving an increased minimum wage, not fully funding new schools on ABQ's booming West Side and in Dona Ana county, leaving on the table the Guv's tax relief package for the working poor as well as an ethics package proposed in the wake of the historic State Treasurer scandal. Governor Richardson is weighing whether to call a special session to salvage these items. Join me on the audio blog for more..
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Under the category of "when it rains it pours," KRQE-TV news reported Thursday night that Mary Dale Bolson, cabinet chief for the troubled Children Youth and Families Department, is resigning that position and will be "reassigned" to another job. Not an especially timely footnote to the Guv's "Year of the Child."

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