Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Ladies First: Diane & Sue Open 06' Guv Media Effort, Plus: R's Try To Score Hit On Big Bill Border Stand 

Sue Wilson-Beffort
It's ladies first in the 2006 race for the Roundhouse. GOP Lieutenant Governor contender Sue Wilson-Beffort has fired the opening paid media volley at Big Bill and Light Guv Diane Denish calling in a thirty second radio spot for "open, honest and ethically run government." And on your TV screen, Lt. Guv Denish says New Mexico "is on the move" and we can have more of the same if we are just kind enough to re-elect her and Big Bill.

The radio ad is the first we have heard from ABQ GOP State Senator Wilson-Beffort since she agreed at the last minute to become the running mate of Santa Fe radiologist J.R. Damron. Her message is not surprising as New Mexico has been ablaze with various ethical lapses featuring prominent Dem politicos, not the least of which being two state Treasurers indicted by the Feds.

The ethics angle is perhaps the GOP's best hope to make some headway against the heavily favored Dem ticket. The scandals even have the D's shaking their heads in grief. If nothing else, Sue's tough tone on ethics may get some of the R's off their couches and into the voting booths June 6th to cast ballots for their mostly unopposed candidates.


But it's all sunshine in Lady Di's world. No mention of those nasty scandals as she strolls toward the camera and asserts that things have been pretty darn good around these parts the past four years--thank you very much--and you just gotta believe with Big Bill and her at the helm things are going to get even better. But have things really gotten better? Or is it the smoke and mirrors that have been improved? That's for voters to decide.

Denish's 06' tube debut is apt for modern politics; it looks nice and doesn't say anything very ear catching (stronger economy, better jobs). But she looks pretty snappy in her off-white suit. (Is that Ann Taylor, ladies, or a cut above?) She closes out with a comfortable smile during which you can almost hear her say, "Sue, who?"


As much as you and I would relish seeing head-to-head TV combat, the R's continue their low budget radio hits on Big Bill that are entertaining, but kind of like a bee stinging an elephant. They stung with another one this week, faulting the Big Guy for opposing the Prez's plan to place National Guard troops on the border to turn back illegal immigrants. Here's an excerpt.

MALE: Richardson says he needs the National Guard for other things….

FEMALE: Other things… like what?

MALE: I guess like flying him around the state to go horseback riding.

FEMALE: (Laughter) Are you serious?

MALE: Yeah, Bill Richardson used the National Guard helicopter to fly him to Chama, to go horseback riding with one of his big campaign contributors...

FEMALE: Let me get this straight. Bill Richardson opposes using National Guard troops to secure the border. But supports using them to fly him around the state for weekend getaways with political cronies?

MALE: Looks that way…

FEMALE: Sounds to me like the real state of emergency in New Mexico has to has to do with Bill Richardson's hypocrisy.

Kind of cute, huh? But the real state of emergency is going to be in the Republican party when Big Bill unleashes a Tsunami of media from his ever-growing $5.5 million campaign kitty. The most underfinanced GOP ticket in modern history may be heading to the life rafts--never mind the helicopters--when that thing hits.

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