Thursday, July 27, 2006

USA Attorney General To NM; He's Got A Lot To Talk About, Plus: Latest Numbers: For Big Bill & TV Stations 

AG Gonzales
How would you like to be a fly on the wall when United State Attorney General Alberto Gonzales meets up in ABQ with New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias on the last day of July? They sure have much to talk about. Like the second trial of Robert Vigil and that federal investigation into the construction of two Bernalillo county courthouses and the metro jail.

Gonzales has signaled a desire to meet with Hispanic community leaders when, according to insiders, he touches down here July 31 and takes a tour of the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Not a bad idea as grumbling increases among some NM Hispanics that they are being cast in a bad light by the ongoing corruption probes that the feds have undertaken. But bad light to some is disinfectant to others.

Some of the Alligators report that "target letters" have been received by those the grand jury is investigating. We are also being told to prepare for a large number of indictments in the courthouse/jail case. "Joe, every good lawyer in town has been signed up for this one," claimed one. When? That's the big question, isn't it?

If recently resigned NM Highlands University president and former state senate powerhouse Manny Aragon is one of those the feds charge, you know you can count on a fight. If indictments are announced during the fall campaign and the second Vigil trial is going on at the same time, you have the recipe for a very tense political atmosphere. And it's not necessarily a sure thing that it would benefit the GOP. Critics will be looking for any openings to politicize the matter and create a backlash, putting Attorney General Gonzales and Iglesias under the microscope.

It's not small potatoes either, as both major parties see the growing Hispanic vote nationally as key to the political future.

Yes, Gonzales and Iglesias have much to discuss, but there will be no flies on the wall or other distractions when they start to peel the onion on the secrets of La Politica only they are currently privy to.


Friends of Big Bill are always looking for a reason to boost him even more. What, a couple of million bucks of TV commercials saying he's the greatest things since sliced bread isn't enough? Apparently not, as they turn puffy with pride over the latest

USA Survey numbers showing the Governor garnering an approval rating of 64%. "That's even better than Senators Domenici (60%) and Bingaman (58%)," bragged one of the Guv's booster of the mid-July poll.

The USA survey is conducted by automatic phone and is said to boost the number of answers and lower the undecided. Professionals advise that you keep that in mind. But the poll does pick up the trend, and right now that trend is showing the Guv where he wants to be.


Speaking of trends, it's still trending to KRQE-TV 13 when it comes to the 10 p,m news ratings. The latest for the July sweeps with just a day to go day has ABQ CBS affiliate again taking the ratings crown getting a 9.0 rating and a 17 share. KOB scored a 6.8 and 12 share and KOAT a 6.4 and 12 share in the almost final numbers. KRQE also won the 10 p.m. news race in May. A "rating" reflects the percentage of TV households viewing a program; "share" reflects the portion of all households viewing TV at that time.

July is one of the lest viewed months of the year and the stations don't put too much stock in it. Still, even in low-turnout election there has to be a winner.


Also in media, Josh McNeil is the new press secretary for Big Bill's campaign, something to note since R Guv nominee John Dendahl recently blasted Guv news honcho Pahl Shipley for attacking him. Dendahl said Shipley is a state employee and needs to stay off the campaign trail. He apparently will, at least publicly, as McNeil moves in as official mouthpiece. I asked the twenty-something McNeil for background, but haven't received any yet. Maybe he secretly worked for Republicans or fears an Alligator bite.

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