Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Parade Of Politicos Begins: McCain Coming For Heather; Cheney Here Today; Pelosi For Patsy Soon, Plus: Mrs. Big Bill's Tube Debut, And: TV News Blues 

McCain & Cheney
What is sure to be a long parade of national politicos into our Enchanted Land this election season picks up steam this week with VP Cheney in Roswell today, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi campaigning in ABQ Thursday for Dem congressional hopeful Patricia Madrid and, according to Alligators of the Potomac River variety, Arizona GOP Senator John McCain is set to shake hands for Heather Wilson on September 9 as she continues to try to convince voters of her "independent" streak."

On the Cheney beat, the top of the heap of the state Republican club will be on hand for today's fundraiser where Cheney is sure to emphasize national security to the party faithful. It's the one issue that GOP strategists feel can keep them out of the doghouse with an increasingly sour electorate.

The national R's have also been warning of late that a Dem takeover of the U.S. House would be "scary" because "liberal" Pelosi of San Francisco would become Speaker of the House. But the Dems counter that they think Cheney is plenty scary, as is a world situation that looks increasingly out of control.

As for McCain, he is still viewed as an independent sort by swing voters, but perhaps not as much as he was a year ago. The senator, a likely R Prez candidate in 08', has been turning increasingly to the right as he romances conservative R's who will be crucial in snaring the GOP Prez prize. He is also a noted hawk on the unpopular Iraq war.

Other notables that we could be seeing in the months ahead include ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, another "independent" R and Prez possible who Heather wouldn't mind having a photo op with. Also, ex-North Carolina Senator John Edwards could be back for Madrid who she supported for Prez in 04' and who is expected to make another run in two years. Not to mention many, many others.


On the Guv campaign trail, TV viewers are getting a bit of a rest from Big Bill as Mrs. Big Bill graces the screens in an effort to nail down more female voters. Not that the Guv is doing too poorly in that category. The latest USA Survey from July has him winning the approval of nearly 70% of them. And what about Barbara R's TV pitch on domestic violence, etc.? Is it accurate? The New Mexican's Steve Terrell tackled that question.

His re-election campaign at home continues to do nothing to slow down
the Guv’s presidential aspirations. He will join with activists this week as they drive a bus across Iowa to put pressure on Wal-Mart, which has been criticized for paying workers low wages and few benefits. It's part of a 35-day tour in 19 states by Wake Up Wal-Mart, a union-based group tht will be in Iowa Tuesday through Sunday. Three other potential Democratic Prez candidates plan to join the tour in Iowa.

As for GOP Guv hopeful John Dendhal, he's out shaking the money tree in the hope of coming up with enough cash for a fall TV buy that would put Big Bill on the spot. R ABQ State Senator Mark Boitano has hit the mailboxes with an invite to a Big John fundraiser with a price tag of a hundred bucks a pop. Dendahl has just $200 grand in his coffers and getting up to the million dollar area so he can run a noticeable campaign remains a challenge.


It appears that longtime NM TV weather prognosticator Robin Marshment has not weathered the storm that has ensued in the aftermath of the takeover of KASA FOX 2 TV by the parent company of rival KRQE-TV. Marshment, the weather anchor for the KASA 9 p.m. news and a regular presence on KOB-TV, which produces the KASA newscast, has been "let go" according to media sources. They also say joining the casualty list as KRQE prepares to take over the KASA news program from KOB next month are 10 production personnel and sports anchor Ed McDougal.

Marshment started out in weather here at KRQE (then KGGM) in the mid-80s, before transferring to KOB.


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