Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sources: No Vote Recount For Patsy; She Looks To Future; Long Race To Finally End, Details Up Next On Your Tuesday Blog 

Patricia Madrid is ready to let go. A Senior Alligator of La Politica reports that the Democratic attorney general will not seek a recount in her unsuccessful bid to unseat ABQ GOP U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson and will let her intentions be known at a news conference with supporters at 10 a.m. today. Results in Bernalillo county, the largest in the congressional district, were made official by the Canvassing Board Monday afternoon.

"Patsy is looking to the future. She knows a recount with this kind of margin (about 900 votes) is a longshot and would be too expensive. She wants to remain positioned for a future campaign, and not against Heather Wilson. She has always run well statewide and that will be her focus. She does not want to sour the voters by dragging on the vote counting." reported our reliable Alligator.

We offer our customary caution in an emotionally heated atmosphere that any decisions are subject to change, but based on our solid sourcing we believe it unlikely in this case. (Madrid did indeed concede the race shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday.)

Some observers may scoff that Madrid has any political future, but she has shown herself to be a survivor and a campaign for an open U.S. Senate seat or the Guv's chair can't be ruled out. Her supporters believe leaving the stage without public bitterness will serve well any future ambitions.


You have to go way back to find a NM congressional race closer than the one we had between Heather Wilson and Patsy Madrid this year. The AP's Barry Massey tells us just how far back.


I asked for some reader help in sorting out who may replace Mary Herrera as the new Bernalillo county clerk now that Mary has been elected secretary of state. We mentioned Agnes Maldonado, executive director of the NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as one who is being mentioned prominently. Readers also say Jaime Diaz, longtime head of the elections bureau in the state's largest county. Also, Herrera's chief deputy clerk (what's her name?) is also being mentioned.

We blogged that Maldonado may be the "Big Bill favored" candidate but that was questioned by readers who point out that she has clashed with the Guv. The county commission will make the pick in January.

The big question is whether the new clerk will be able to break the 20 year old hex on getting election results reported here in a a timely manner. Don't bet the ranch on that.


We blogged Monday that Patricia Madrid had won three statewide races which led to a number of emails asking what they were since most readers could only recall her two statewide wins for attorney general. We got to three by throwing in her Dem primary win for lieutenant governor in 1994 when she ran with Bruce King and lost....

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