Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Potpourri: Readers Pipe Up On The News Of La Politica, And: Other Stuff From My Newsroom Floor 

Let's get the downer stuff out of the way first as we head into the weekend. Could there be even more Intel Rio Rancho layoffs in 2007? The company's CEO says more layoffs for Intel are indeed coming next year. He did not specify if there would be more at Rio Rancho where 1,000 are to be given their walking papers this summer. Let's hope our first hit was out last.

Now on to the mailbag. Several readers alert us to the buzz on the Dem left about the beating Big Bill is taking. His comments about tax cuts, among others, are setting them off as seen here.

An ABQ reader, reacting to the fun speculation over Mayor Marty, makes it clear His Honor is running for Governor, at least right now:

"I received a letter, contribution envelope and a little wallet card complete with Marty’s qualifications for Governor yesterday in the mail at home. His logo even says Marty for New Mexico."


Quinn McCord, state editor of the National Journal's "The Hotline," blogs in from D.C. with this rib tickler:

SHOT . . ."In my campaign today, I touched students, I touched senior citizens, activists" -- NM Gov. Bill Richardson (Reno Gazette Journal, 5/1/07).. . .

CHASER"I try not to put myself in that situation, trying not to stand or sit next to him" -- NM LG Diane Denish (Albuquerque Journal, 12/17/05).


Coleen Greer, wife of T or C realtor Earl Greer who lost his challenge of Allen Weh for the state GOP chairmanship last weekend, was none to happy with our characterization of Earl as "weak candidate." She aimed both barrels and fired: "

"I disagree with you that my husband was a weak challenger. You might do well to spend some time in person speaking to him and then compare that with other individuals before making your assessment of him. I have lived in NM all my life and am amazed at the continued stupidity of people who will not open their eyes and see what is going on and get involved!"

I have spoken with Earl since his defeat. We had a good conversation, but he stands behind his wife's comments. You better, Earl, or the couch is waiting.


Former NM elections bureau chief Denise Lamb, now with the Santa Fe county clerk's office, reacted to our report on the latest media appearance of ex- NM US Attorney David Igelesias on HBO:

"(In 2004) Iglesias convened a “Voter Fraud” Task Force. I was a member, representing the secretary of state. We looked at a couple of UNM students that had registered twice (because the county clerk was so inundated with registrations, they didn’t get a card and assumed their registration was lost, so they registered again), some voter registrations that were stolen (maybe) from the office of a group doing registration, and other minor allegations (Voter fraud is a misnomer here; it should be called registration fraud, because the perpetrators never actually vote. But voter fraud sounds more serious and is, I think, chosen to arouse suspicion). The group concluded there were no crimes to prosecute." Wrote Lamb.


And finally from the e-mail bag, one of my sisters, Leigh Anne, blogs in from Oklahoma City rejecting my suggestion that she buy me dinner at Yanni's because she has just made $350 at her garage sale. "I'm cheap. How about Mickey D's?" She asks.

McDonald's?? Is that my Karma, or what?

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