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Vigil-Giron Pops Up On Dem Job Finalist List, Plus: Big Bill Slaps Pete; What's With That? And: State Rep. Foley Arrested & Jailed 

Becky & Bill (N.Mexican)
We know she's looking for a job, but executive director of the NM Democratic Party? We did a double-take when the list of finalists for the post was circulated and saw the name of former NM Secretary of State and probable 2010 Dem Lieutenant Governor candidate Rebecca Vigil-Giron tucked in the middle of the list. Didn't she just grace the front pages with more political hangover from her most recent term as secretary of state? And what about her getting nixed for that big state film job that Big Bill tried to reward her with? Maybe he's still trying to figure out a place for her and ED for the Dems is as good place as any. Rebecca is an experienced player, and a pretty good communicator, but she might also be a sitting target for the R's.

Another notable name on the finalist list include Chris Cervini, former of Light Guv Denish's staff. Keep an eye on him. Party chairman Brian Colón will make the final pick in a couple of weeks with the help of a screening committee. Outgoing ED Matt Farrauto will serve as a consultant for the party for a couple of months while he looks for fresh political stomping grounds. Here is the full list of executive director finalists and their home states.

Marcy Donovan MD, Sisto Abeyta NM, Richard Anderson TX, Joseph Casados NM, Chris Cervini NM, Eamonn Fromberg NJ, Theresa Holland NM, Christopher Honey CA, Mitch Kennedy DC, Kenda Kirby DC, Christopher Lee CA, Emily Maher NM, Leticia Martinez NM, Michael Minh Nguyen DC, Laura Montoya NM, Laura Nevitt MN, Jeffrey Parsons VA, Jen Patterson MI, Yvette Ramirez Ammerman NM, John Riordan IN, Crystal Romero NM, Laura Sanchez NM, Maura Satchell TN, Art Terrazas NM, Rebecca Vigil-Giron NM, Nathan Williams WI, Peter Zollinger NM.


Those of you following closely the conspiracy theory that Big Bill could have his eye on the Senate seat of Pete Domenici after the presidential campaign concludes have more fodder to chew on. Get a load of this all-out attack on the Republican senator courtesy of the Governor and following Senate passage Friday of an energy bill.

"...Senator Bingaman strongly supported a number of critical pieces of the legislation including a reasonable renewable portfolio standard (RPS). Unfortunately, his efforts were undone by Republicans who significantly weakened this important bill. Senator Domenici's leadership of a group of senators who won't allow even a weak RPS to be debated is hostile not only to a sustainable energy future but also to New Mexico and western renewable energy producers who could expand their market. Why on earth is Senator Domenici supporting senators who are acting against the interests of his own state and region?" Blasted Big Bill.

If Richardson isn't baiting the hook for the conspiracy lovers and alarming Domenici at the same time, the enchiladas are on us. He issued the highly unusual attack from his Prez campaign, not the Guv's office. For the record, Pete says he believes in renewable fuels, but not a national mandate for them.

Do you think Bill's goading (torturing?) of Pete might have some roots in the '06 Guv campaign, when Domenici and Company had Richardson basher John Dendahl come in as the last-minute GOP candidate to replace the mild-mannered J.R.. Damron? Sure you do.


Speaking of Bill, let's head out Potomac way and check in in with the WaPo's, "The Fix," for the latest take on where the Big Guy stands in his quest for 1600 PA Avenue:

"On the one hand, Richardson appears to be moving up in early state polls. On the other, he continues to do little to counter the image that he is just a little too undisciplined (read: real) to be president. In recent days, Richardson has started naming names when it comes to his rivals' positioning on the war in Iraq, hoping to make sure voters know he is the only candidate who would leave no American presence in the country. It's a smart gambit, but it's difficult to know in a field as top heavy as this one whether Richardson has any realistic chance of breaking through."


Roswell GOP State Rep. Dan Foley bonded out of jail Sunday night after being arrested at a basketball game for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing an officer. The incident involved Foley's son, Timothy, and another player. It's not the first time Foley's temper has gotten him into trouble. Despite the hard-right Rep's track record, State House GOP leader Taylor of Farmington let Foley take the limelight as public spokesman for the GOP during the last legislative session. We questioned the leader's decision, and now you know why.


It looks as though two polar opposites on the Bernalillo County Commission--Dem Chairman Alan Armijo and Republican Michael Brasher-- both have it right when it comes to the county's jail woes. Armijo says it's time to to talk about expanding the five year old jail which is filled to the brim. He also thoughtfully asks why people with warrants out for failing to pay traffic fines continue to be dragged out to the jail, contributing to the overcrowding. Isn't there an alternative? Meanwhile, Brasher agrees with Armijo about expanding the jail, but wants it done without a tax increase. Armijo says that's possible. If these guys keep working together, it's going to give politics a bad name.


Veteran reporter Nancy Salem takes over as editor of the NM Business Weekly. She has done lengthy stints with both the ABQ Journal and Tribune...

How does she see it? Here's three minutes of You Tube video of ABQ GOP Rep. Heather Wilson speaking on the House floor just before those big budget cuts to Los Alamos and Sandia Labs were approved and sent over to the Senate. She argues it's not just jobs at stake, and looks at the big picture...Newly minted Dem US Senate candidate Don Wiviott says he gave a campaign donation to GOP US Senate candidate David Pfeffer because he was a friend, not because he agreed with him on the issues. Wiviott was answering charges from rival Jim Hannan. Pfeffer was at one time a Santa Fe city councilor. Wiviott is a big developer who did business before that council...

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