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ABQ Recall Election Maneuvers: Part II, Plus: Heather Not Lawyering Up--Yet, And: Senate Candidate Shows 'Em The Money 

Don Harris
The idea of having a special mail-in election for the recall of ABQ City Councilor Don Harris appears to have had a very short shelf life. City Council President Debbie O'Malley Tuesday checked in to tell us she would not be supporting a mail-in election and will vote next week to scheduled the Harris recall at the regular October 2nd city election. Insiders associated her with the the mail-in idea on Tuesday's blog, but she said she is not investigating such a plan and the October 2nd election will "provide the greatest opportunity" for the voters of Harris's far NE Heights council district to participate.

A mail in election would cost thousands in postage, and is opposed by the backers of the Harris recall. Jim Lowe, heading up New Mexicans for Democracy and spearheading the Harris recall over ethics charges, said he was pleased to hear of O'Malley's support for having the recall at the October 2nd election. O'Malley said she was speaking for herself and could not say if a majority of Councilors supported the October 2 date for the recall. The council is slated to consider the election date at their Monday meeting. But an Oct. 2 recall appears to be where we are headed.


A not too serious effort to recall ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez has been dropped. The fellow seeking the recall, S. Pike, was upset about the anti-smoking rules for public places that Mayor Chavez recently announced.


Heather has not hired a lawyer. That word from the office of the ABQ GOP Congresswoman in reaction to the news that flashed over the Internet late Monday that ousted US Attorney David Iglesias will testify in a closed door session before key members of the House ethics committee today. The questioning of Iglesias, who accuses Wilson and NM GOP Senator Pete Domenici of pressuring him to speed up indictments of Democrats in the Bernalillo county courthouse construction scandal, does not constitute a "formal" investigation of Wilson. That takes an official complaint from a House member.

Some think that Iglesias's testimony is for appearances sake; others think it is a prelude to a full committee investigation of Wilson's involvement. The certainty is that someone must step up and make an official complaint if the probe is going to go further. Who, if anyone, might that be? Stay tuned.


In breaking the news that Vice-President Cheney would be speaking before a Marine group in ABQ Monday, we wondered if he would be doing any other politicking, such as fundraising. The answer is he will not. Politicking or not, the former Wyoming congressman probably welcomes the chance to escape the stifling August heat of D.C. and head to his native West.


In cse you missed it, Dem US Senate candidate Don Wiviott has put his money where his mouth is. Federal records show the Santa Fe real estate developer, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the June '08 primary for the right to take on Republican Senator Pete Domenici, has loaned himself $400,000 and deposited it in his election account. When we broke the news of his candidacy Wiviott pledged his own $400,000. Now that he has come up with it, it will be interesting to see if and when he starts spending it.

Wiviott is one of three Dem unknowns seeking the nod. He is by far the best financed. The records also show that Wiviott raised $7,000 in donations other than the personal loan.


Big Bill is spending some more of his campaign cash on Iowa TV. He released a new "clean energy" ad Tuesday that will air there. The Guv has hit 13% in the ARG Iowa poll, putting him in fourth place in the first Dem prez caucus state. Obama is at 15% in that poll.


When you are running for something, you don't want to make anyone mad. Take a look at Big Bill's comments to the Roswell Daily Record on the arrest on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges of his longtime GOP nemesis, Roswell State Representative and House minority whip Dan Foley: "My relationship with him has improved significantly. He deserves his due process," Richardson said.

Talk about a lay down. Do you suppose the Guv will roll over like that when Hillary comes calling on him to get out of the presidential race?


Veteran KRQE-TV investigative reporter Larry Barker is making some news instead of reporting it. He's the subject of a lawsuit over a recent story he produced. A Santa Fe building contractor says his reputation was defamed last year when Barker aired a story called "The House from Hell.'' The station is standing by its story.

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