Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pete Pounded; Anti-War Crowd Hits With TV Ads; Enviro Group Piles on, Plus: ABQ Election Action; And: Some Bottom Lines 

Sen. Domenici
Ten years ago they wouldn't have bothered, but sensing opportunity, foes of GOP US Senator Pete Domenici are unloading their summer guns on the state's senior senator, hoping to keep his poll numbers low and his underbelly soft as the '08 election draws inexorably closer.

NM TV screens will be speckled with ads hammering Domenici for his support of the "endless war" in Iraq. They come from the Democratic friendly group "Americans United for Change." Pete said last month he does not believe the surge of troops into Iraq is the solution, but he is not supporting a timetable for withdrawal.

The ads will air on the major network affiliates in the ABQ market, but the group would not tell us how much they have budgeted.

You may also see these ads from a pro-war group with Republican ties which is launching a $15 million ad campaign to influence Congress as it prepares to consider the future course of the war. Senator Pete is being pulled by both sides on the no-end-in-sight conflict, illustrating just what an albatross it has become for the R's.

And the Sierra Club says it has bought another week of ABQ/Santa Fe radio time to pound Domenici over his position on renewable energy. They've also thrown up some billboards in the metro area to persuade Domenici, the ranking member on Senate Energy, to back legislation requiring utilities to generate more of their electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar. Pete has argued the renewable standard would mean more expensive electricity.

Once again, Pete's camp can count their lucky stars that no high-profile opponent has been fielded by the Democrats and that the third party attacks are not directly benefitting a challenger. He continues to make the rounds, stopping in Cruces Wednesday.


The man causing many of Domenici's headaches hopes the story of how he did it puts some money in his pocket. Former US attorney David Iglesias has inked a book deal. Iglesias's critics have hammered him for being a publicity hound, and questioned his credibility in the US attorney scandal that has caused the R's so much heartburn. Writing a book doesn't address that PR problem, does it?


ABQ election season is starting to hit its stride with city council candidates well aware that the first batch of absentee ballots will be sent out August 28. (You can request one at 768-3030) and the press coverage is starting to pick up.

The ABQ Trib has temporarily shifted former city hall reporter Erik Siemers to the election beat, over from the biz desk. We talked with him about the race in the North Valley featuring incumbent Debbie O'Malley, challenger Katherine Martinez and Mayor Marty's endorsement of Katherine. Meanwhile, over at the ABQ Journal, veteran Dan McKay is covering his first city election as the paper's new city hall reporter. We'll keep you posted on the key pieces.


Several emailers wondered why we gave the NM Congressional delegation all the credit for saving Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis and not some to Governor Big Bill. Well, it is a federal issue, but the Guv did do some lifting so let's spread the luv around...MSNBC had an interesting scroll at the bottom of its screen Wednesday afternoon. They noted that "former NM Governor Bill Richardson" was speaking at a Reno, Nevada labor convention. Former Governor? Did I hear Diane Denish's heart skip a beat?...

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