Friday, January 25, 2008

Hill Talks About Our Bill; Looks Forward "To Working With Him." But How? Plus: Obama Sets NM Visit, And: Closed GOP Debate Raises Eyebrows 

The Contenders
There was no chill from Hill and that was good for Bill. The leading Dem presidential contender popped up on NM TV screens late Thursday doing an interview with KRQE-TV and showing no signs of holding a grudge against the NM Governor. When asked by anchor Deanna Sauceda if she would consider Bill Richardson as a VP pick, she said:

I have the highest regard and admiration for Governor Richardson. He is a great American in every sense of the word and I would be honored to have him part of my team in this campaign and in my administration because he has so much to give to our country. He has a tremendous track record of success in everything he has done and I look forward to working with him.

Well, you didn't expect her to actually answer the VP question, did you? Still, after the sour note struck between the Richardson and Clinton campaigns at the Iowa caucuses, Hill's mini-tribute to Big Bill had to fall softly on Bill's ears. His chances to be on the ticket are seen as slim, but there are other job possibilities if 2008 is a Clinton replay.

A Richardson operative told us last week to expect a presidential endorsement from the Guv before "Super Duper Tuesday" when NM and 21 other states have Dem caucuses and primaries. An endorsement of Obama would be a stunner, considering the Guv's long ties with Hill and Bill.

As for when she will visit here, the New York Senator said: " I am going to get there as soon as I can. I love coming to New Mexico. I'm excited about campaigning there so I will get there as fast as s possible.

Hill's NM campaign chair, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, now says she expects two Clinton visits--one from Hill and one from Bill.


Insiders said Friday that Obama will visit NM February 1st.

While Hillary was hijacking the airwaves here, her chief rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, was forming a NM "truth squad" to prepare against any attacks from the Clinton camp. "If what has happened in the other primary states is any indication, we could get the same here," warned Obama spokesman Trevor Fitzgibbon. The truth squad will be announced today and be charged with shooting down what the Obama camp sees as any out of line attacks. Obama squad members will include State Reps Kenny Martinez and Al Park and State Treasurer James Lewis.


Former ABQ GOP State Representative Rory Ogle says KOB-TV is none too happy over his decision to exclude all media from the first joint appearance scheduled between the two candidates seeking the GOP nomination for the ABQ congressional seat. Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White and State Senator Joe Carraro are scheduled to appear at Ogle's monthly Saturday morning breakfast at a local restaurant. Rory says the candidates have agreed to the "no media allowed rule." He says the candidates will be more "candid" with the party insiders invited to the session if the press is excluded, What? They will be telling a different story when the cameras are on?

If the first joint appearance by White and Carraro ends up as a donnybrook over media access, the candidates will only have themselves to blame. The weather has been frigid lately. Maybe one of them can call in sick. If not, their "secret" debate will be a headline maker, and not the kind the R's need or want. We'll let you know what happens.

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