Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Ride Shaping Up In Big ABQ State Senate District, Plus: Pearce's New Nuke, And: Some Bottom Lines For A NM Wednesday 

The third time will indeed be the charm for Sander Rue. Rue's GOP primary opponent for the ABQ West Side state senate seat being vacated by Joe Carraro refused to confirm or deny reports Tuesday that he is about to get out of the race and take a job in Utah. There is no Democratic running in the sprawling district that extends into southern Rio Rancho, so if attorney David Pyne is getting out, then Rue will have four years in Santa Fe after winning the June 3 primary. (Pyne has now sent out a news release dropping out of the race. He said his employer frowned upon his candidacy)

.Rue has served on the Albuquerque Open Space Advisory Board and is currently a member of Albuquerque’s Board of Ethics.

Rue, 54, has previously run for ABQ city council and state rep. He lost both. He was also campaign manager for the '05 mayoral bid of City Councilor Brad Winter. He also lost that. But now it appears the perseverance of the pharmaceutical salesman has finally paid off. As for Pyne, saying nothing sometimes says everything. Hasta La Vista, David.


Who would have thunk it? Heather Wilson is a liberal! Only in a GOP primary would you hear that. The charge comes from Steve Pearce in this new TV spot as the back and forth in the intense race for the GOP US Senate nomination continues.


A Democratic politico has some interesting analysis on the battle for the northern Dem congressional nomination where frontrunner Ben Ray Lujan is trying to fend off a stiff and well-financed challenged from Santa Fe developer Don Wiviott. He says our supposition that most of Wiviott's appeal among Santa Fe Anglo liberals is on the mark, but there is more to consider.

"A lot of folks in Clovis and other East side communities are not happy with Santa Fe politicians. Wiviott may be tapping into Anglo support there, too."

Lujan's father is NM House Speaker Ben Lujan. The race has flatlined in recent days. The crowd awaits a more aggressive comparative phase between the top two contenders. Harry Montoya, Benny Shendo, Jon Adams and Rudy Martin are also in this one.


You gotta give southern Dem congressional hopeful Bill McCamley points for having gumption. In the wake of the news that his rival, Hobbs oilman Harry Teague, has pumped a fresh $475,000 of personal money into the race, the Dona Ana County Commissioner announced he will lend himself $47.50 to fill his gas tank up to travel the district. That isn't going to stop Teague's money from being effective, but McCamley gets kudso for humor and also accuracy. We filled up the Honda tank Tuesday, and what do you know? The total came to $47.00.


ABQ Dem congressional contender Rebecca Vigil-Giron was given a hard time by our Alligators when she listed on her report a cash balance of minus some $9,000. There is no such thing as a minus cash balance. Vigil-Giron says her report has been revised. It shows she had a cash balance at the end of March of about $1600 and a debt on her American Express card of $15,000.


Think the Iraq war won't be a big issue in the fall? Only if the New Mexican electorate isn't heartbroken by this kind of news:

Senator Bingaman joined in cosponsoring legislation to help prevent suicide among active duty members of the military. The Armed Forces Suicide Prevention Act would direct the Department of Defense (DoD) to create a comprehensive suicide prevention program within all branches of the military, including National Guard and Reserves. The program includes annual training for soldiers...

CBS news recently reported on the armed forces suicide epidemic among soldiers who have served in Iraq.


ABQ GOP State Rep Richard Berry is getting a free ride this election year, but that didn't stop him from attending the NM Credit Union Association campaign school Monday. We spoke to the gathering of politicos and it was a fast-paced, cover-it-all session. Berry, a contractor from Four Hills, is going for term #2. He told me he has come to appreciate the diversity and flavor of New Mexico as a freshman member of the Legislature. He may be there a while if he attends campaign school even when he is unopposed...

Also on hand was ABQ GOP State Rep. Jimmie Hall, who has one of those infectious personalities that has made him friends on both sides of the aisle. He has no GOP primary opposition.

Democratic Secretary of State Mary Herrera was one of the presenters. We both wondered aloud about how low-key the campaign has been compared to what we expected at this stage, but neither of us were backing off our predictions of a record turnout in November.

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