Friday, November 07, 2008

Heavy Pushback From Guv's Team On China Ambassador Speculation; Not In The Cards, They Say 

We're getting more and heavier pushback from Big Bill's team on our Thursday report that he may be in line to become ambassador to China in the Obama administration. They maintain, despite what one of our Senior Alligators insists, that there is no mid-November meeting scheduled with Obama and that Richardson is highly unlikely to take the position, even if it were offered which they say it hasn't been.

"I won't use the word never, but the Governor is saying that the source of this speculation is not accurate," informed Pahl Shipley, a senior aide to Bill.

Earlier, the Guv's press director also moved quickly to strike down the China talk that started here and was picked up by other media, including KOB-TV.

Our source maintains his position that the China ambassador job is in play. (See Friday blog).

Earlier this year when we blogged that James Jimenez then the Governor's chief of staff was about to depart, the Guv's team told the ABQ Journal that that report was also inaccurate. Jimenez left several weeks later.

Let's see what happens with this one. Someone is going to be proven right soon enough.

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