Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kilmer Guv Run Fun: Plus: More Comings And Goings On The Post Election Circuit 

If you are of a mind to take seriously the potential 2010 NM Guv candidacy of actor Val Kilmer, then you need to know that Kilmer registered as a New Mexico Dem only in September and only after he first floated talk of a potential candidacy. Before that he was registered as "other," which we refer to around here as independent. Val's two registrations are posted here (click to enlarge). One is dated January 1992 and the other is his September registration as a Democrat in Rowe in Northern New Mexico. That Kilmer made a point of re-registering will cause politicos to pause before dismissing the likelihood of a Guv run. They will now wonder about Kilmer's bank account and whether it is hefty enough for him to self-finance what could be a whimsical run for office and whether he would be willing to dip into his own dollars. Then again, maybe mischievous Big Bill, Val's favorite Guv, might help him raise campaign cash?

The camp of the leading 2010 Dem guv contender, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, is not laughing off the Kilmer flirtation. Monday we talked of how a Kilmer candidacy could ease the candidacy of a Hispanic Dem, someone like Senate leader Michael Sanchez. We should also mention former AG Patsy Madrid and ABQ Mayor Marty Chavez as two other D's who are likely watching events unfold. And don't forget current Democratic Attorney General Gary King who has sought the Guv nomination twice. If the stars lined up, he might make another go of it.


The short list grows longer. That's the list of those who want to be considered for the lieutenant governor slot if Lady Di is bumped up to Guv if and when Big Bill takes a job with Obama. Jeff Varela from Santa Fe nominates his dad, Santa Fe State Rep. Lucky Varela, for the post:

We really do have a lot of fixing to do in state government and I can think of no other public official who knows government better than Lucky. He is steady, smart, and has a reputation of working effectively with Dems and Republicans.

The problem for Lucky is his poor performance when he sought the Dem nod for state Treasurer in 2006. He did not perform well against James Lewis in the northern Hispanic counties that Denish needs politically. Lewis went on to become Treasurer. Varela dropped out before the primary.

State Auditor Hector Balderas and state Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino are two others mentioned as
possible Light Guvs in the event of a turnover in the state's top job.


Current Big Bill deputy chief of staff Bruce Perlman to become NM Secretary of Transportation as Rhonda Faught heads to the exits? The buzz is buzzing....


With Senate president pro tem Tim Jennings of Roswell likely to be toppled from his post for giving aid and comfort to losing Republican Senator Lee Rawson in the recent campaign, the names of who might replace him in the post continue to float. Here's the latest from the e-mail.

"Look for (Dona Ana County State Senator) Cynthia Nava to be "drafted" into the position, especially considering Jennings latest attempt to inject himself into the educational problems of the state."

That did not come from a relative of Cynthia's, did it?

Jennings recently wrote a letter to school officials warning job cuts could be necessary because of the tight state budget. Big Bill lashed out at the Roswell lawmaker for writing the letter. Senator Nava is chair of the Senate Education Committee. And what about Pete Campos doing something in the Dem Senate leadership. You hear is name anytime there is some turmoil. More about him by clicking on his banner ad posted here.


The Journal is reporting that the projected deficit for the current fiscal year for the city of ABQ is approaching $16 million, but we've blogged that some at Government Center think it will go significantly higher if current trends continue. The $16 million won't cost any permanent jobs. If it doubles to $32 million, look out below. The last time we recall city employees being laid off was in the early 90's recession when Mayor Louis Saavedra wielded the ax. Mayor Chavez, up for re-election next year, will do all he can to avoid layoffs. City unions are on high-alert and have the ear of the city council. But Mayor Marty is going to have hone his cutback skills. The Alligators are on the loose and wondering if old-fashioned overspending isn't the cause of some of the city's woes.


There are some jobs available in this sour economic climate. Dem Congressman-elect Harry Teague of southern NM has a place on his Web site where you can apply for a job on-line. Positions are available in both D.C. and in Teague's offices in the southern US House district. Hey, maybe Harry's Dem primary opponent, Bill McCamley, can get a job with Harry?

And even more on the jobs front. Democratic Bernalillo County Commissioner Deanna Archuleta has been named to Obama's transition team and will spend the next six weeks in D.C., say wall-leaners at the county. Archuleta had no opposition in last Tuesday's election and was elected to her second four year term from the ABQ SE Heights area district. She is the southwest regional director of The Wilderness Society. Insiders say Big Bill was helpful in getting Archuleta on the transition team which could lead to a federal job. Archuleta has toyed with running for ABQ mayor next year, a race that is looking increasingly crowded.

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