Monday, July 06, 2009

The Quiet Campaign: Daniels Still Inching Toward ABQ GOP Congress Run; Would Face Barela, Plus: Some Taco Saving, And: Jeff's Press 

Kevin Daniels
GOP businessman Kevin Daniels continues to take quiet steps toward a run for the ABQ congressional seat, despite the wish of some R's at the top of the food chain that attorney Jon Barela go unopposed for the nomination. But Daniels isn't hearing them. A political advisor to the owner of a chain of funeral homes says Daniels will be in Washington this week introducing himself to the National Republican Congressional Committee and signaling his intent to make a run--Barela or no Barela. Will the NRCC heavies try to talk Daniels down?

Daniels, 51, is a political newcomer, but has business ties that could help him raise money for a run, not to mention his personal wealth. Since we first mentioned the possible Daniels candidacy on April 21, Barela has announced the formation of an exploratory committee. No other candidates have signaled a run. The only media outlets to mention the Daniels movement so far are this blog and the national Politico. That may soon change. If Daniels takes the dive, our insider says he won't form an exploratory committee, he will go all in.


Attention Congressman Heinrich: You are not alone in your fight to save the "Flying Tacos" stationed at ABQ's Kirtland Air Force Base. GOP Guv candidate and retired Marine Corp Colonel Allen Weh says even though this is a federal issue, he is ready to report for duty:

If you know how the Department of Defense works, and have relationships in defense circles you can make a huge impact if you want to. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to do something for NM nobody else can do. With all the other stuff that dominates a governor's election (education, corruption, etc.) this will likely never be something that gets much attention, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important, and it's something we can still get done while doing the high profile stuff.

Well said, Allen. But you're timing may be a little off. If you win the Guv's chair you would take office on January 1, 2011. The fate of the fighter wing at KAFB will be decided in the next six months. Maybe Big Bill can "deputize" Weh? Well, he would probably have to get approval for that from the US Attorney.


Speaking of Big Bill, he's been on Cape Cod in Massachusetts for an annual holiday respite. Maybe he wants to stay a while longer and greet a special guest:

President Barack Obama and his family plan to vacation next month on Martha's Vineyard, Democratic sources said. The trip has long been rumored on the island, where federal agents were reported to be checking out property last spring. The plan puts the Obamas in one of America's most diverse resort areas

Next month? Seems the Guv's timing is off just a bit, but it gets that way during these second terms, doesn't it?


If NM Senator Jeff Bingaman needs some back-up in his press office we have the perfect guy for him---his fellow NM Dem US Senator Tom Udall. Take a look:

Senator Udall applauded the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, under the extraordinary and diligent leadership of Chairman Jeff Bingaman, for concluding weeks of legislative mark-up and producing comprehensive energy legislation..Sen. Bingaman is a great asset to the State of New Mexico and the U.S. Senate...

After that, Jeff definitely owes Tom a free lunch at the Senate Dining Room.


If Jeff does decide to treat Tom to lunch, maybe he can pay for it out of his campaign account. He has over $512,000 in it, but is not up for re-election until 2012. Republicans hoping this is his last term may need a new and improved wishing well.

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