Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking: Heather Wilson Will Not Run For Governor In 2010: Makes Announcement on Facebook Page 

Former ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson says she will not run for Governor in 2010. She made the announcement late Friday morning in an email to supporters that was also posted on her Facebook page. Here is the note she wrote:

Over the last ten months a lot of New Mexicans have encouraged me to run for Governor in 2010. I understand why New Mexicans want a strong leader to restore fiscal responsibility and integrity in Santa Fe and I deeply appreciate the confidence so many New Mexicans have expressed in me.

At the same time, I am well aware of the demands and limitations of elected office. My work in the private sector is satisfying, I do volunteer work that matters, and I am enjoying having more personal time to spend with family and friends. The Governor of New Mexico has no significant national security role -- an issue area that continues to be an important part of my life. Running for office and being Governor means setting these things aside.

To every thing there is a season. I will probably return to public life at some point, but I have decided that I will not run for Governor or any other office in 2010.

GOP Guv candidate Susana Martinez reacts:

"Heather Wilson is an accomplished leader who is admired and respected by New Mexicans regardless of their political persuasion. I would first and foremost like to thank her for the years of service to New Mexico...I am certain Heather will continue to have a profound and positive impact on the state she so deeply cares about. With Heather's announcement that she will not seek the governorship in 2010, it has become more clear than ever that I am the one candidate seeking the Republican Party's nomination who can build the necessary coalition to compete and win next fall. I have a proven track record of bringing people together and winning tough elections in a county where Republicans are outnumbered nearly three to one. In the weeks and months to come, I will continue to travel the state communicating my vision for New Mexico based on my conservative principles and values."

GOP Guv candidate Allen Weh reacts:

“Heather Wilson has been a distinguished public servant for this state and nation,” Weh said. “I am quite confident she is not done with public service regardless of this decision.

NM Democratic Party reacts:

Heather Wilson, sensing the strength of Lt. Governor Diane Denish, today decided she would not seek the Governor’s office. The Republican Party, decimated after the 2008 election, is left with a nothing more than a handful of second-tier candidates for the state’s top office.

"Regardless of who emerges from the Republican primary, the lack of experience in their entire slate of Republican candidates should deeply concern New Mexicans. Now is not the time for on-the-job training. We need a proven leader to help New Mexico families’ weather these tough times, and none of the Republicans running come close to meeting that challenge."

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