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Dems For Martinez: No Heavyweights Apply, Plus: King To Call Out Chandler, And: 90 Years Old And Living La Politica 

Susana Martinez's recent announcement of "Democrats for Martinez" received hardly any news coverage. And with good reason. There were no heavy political hitters on the list. In filling out the group the Martinez camp also came with some controversial names in Democratic circles.

For example, former state representative and ABQ attorney Robert Aragon has been popping up as a "Democrat" for a variety of GOP candidates, including Martinez and congressional hopeful Jon Barela. But Robert was stripped of his title as ward chair by Dems and even voted for McCain over Obama.

Then there's former NM Court of Appeals Judge Ira Robinson who is also a former Dem Bernalillo County district attorney as well as an ex-chairman of the Bernalillo County Dem party. He also endorsed Martinez, but Ira was forced to resign from his judgeship, in 2008, rather than face a trial on misconduct charges. Not a lot of credibility there for Martinez, who is also the Dona Ana County DA.

The point being that there are few, if any, prominent Democrats abandoning Diane Denish for Martinez. And we don't see any big name R's going for Di.


The aforementioned Barela came with his first media of the campaign, but it isn't paid TV. In response to US House speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing at a Santa Fe fund-raiser Tuesday, Barela came with a video on his Web site blasting the speaker and his Dem for the ABQ congressional seat--Martin Heinrich.

Our Alligators broke the news here last week that Speaker Nancy would be here to raise cash for congressional Dems at the home of well-heeled trial lawyer Stephen Durkovich.

Barela has received some good news from that recent SurveyUSA poll that showed him actually beating incumbent Heinrich 51% to 45%. Real Clear Politics even moved the contest to the "toss-up" category because of that survey.

Our pros think it's too soon to change the lean Democrat rating. They want to see another survey before going there, pointing out that SurveyUSA is alone in putting Jon in front. If we were him we would hurry up and raise all the money we could from those favorable numbers--just in case.


An R working to get a national name, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, will campaign in NM for Martinez soon. He is a likely candidate for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination who is helping a variety of candidates in the hope the favor will some day be returned. Martinez has already had potential 2012 GOP prez contender Sarah Palin campaign on her behalf. We think Susana's head is with Tim, but her heart is with Sarah after she helped to pushed her over the top in that GOP Guv primary.


We wonder if Susana's stance against public school vouchers will cause her any grief among Christian groups that strongly advocate such vouchers? They also vote heavy R. Martinez's new position on the controversial vouchers came to light this week. She had previously told campaign audiences she supported them.


Note this headline from the Diane Denish PR gang:

Diane Denish to Outline High Tech & Renewable Energy Jobs Plan in Southern Dona Ana County Today...

This is the second time Di has outlined this plan. She did the same in ABQ last week. Why? Because southern Dona Ana County is not in the ABQ TV market. It is served by El Paso TV and the El Paso Times as well as the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Besides media events, the Guv campaigns have to sock away money for campaign ads on El Paso TV.


We ran into Attorney General Gary King the other day and not surprisingly he expressed confidence about his re-election campaign. But he also had a message for his aggressive Republican rival--Clovis area District Attorney Matt Chandler who has been beating up on King's four year record as AG.

"Matt has a record, too. And you're going to be hearing about it," King teased.

Sounds like statewide newcomer Matt may have to learn to take some punches, not just throw them.

Imogene Lindsay
Like many New Mexico women Imogene Lindsay awaits November 2 when the glass ceiling on the state's governor's office is broken and the first woman in history is elected to that high office. The difference is that "Gene" has been waiting longer than most. The lifelong Democratic Party activist turned 90 a few days ago and was feted at a backyard party at her ABQ NE Heights home.

Over the years that backyard saw its share of summer fun for her family, but it was also central to New Mexico political life when Gene's late husband, Bert Lindsay, held forth in the 60's, 70's and 80's as a key Democratic fund-raiser and operative. Ted Kennedy and George McGovern were among those who nursed libations with the Lindsay's in their homey backyard overlooking Sandia High.

Gene was more than a hostess. She was tapped by Governor Anaya to head up the state labor department and became part of his cabinet. She succeeded Dan Lopez in the position who today is president of New Mexico Tech and was among those on hand to celebrate her 90th.

Lindsay told me she cast here first vote in 1948 for Progressive Henry Wallace who was one of four major presidential candidates that year. "What, you didn't vote for Democrat FDR in '44?" "Let's just say I forgot," she quipped.

Lindsay's backyard continues as a political playground. The day before her birthday party Diane Denish was there seeking votes and perhaps some inspiration from the generation that came before.

Even at 90, there is no let up.

"I read your blog every day," she informed, reminding us that the lure of La Politica is indeed timeless.

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

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