Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor: The Economy, Candidate TV Money And Seeking The Best Green Chile Cheeseburger 

This one bears repeating which we are sure we are doing:

The downturn has still exacted a much harsher toll on the less educated. The unemployment rate for college graduates is still just 4.5 percent, and the gap between their pay and everyone else’s is larger than it has ever been. For most college graduates, the Great Recession has not lived up to its name.

And there is good reason: in today’s high-tech, global economy, educated workers remain very much in demand. They make their companies more productive and the American economy more competitive. They expand the size of the economic pie.

And that explains why turning around New Mexico public school performance is central to a long-term economic turnaround.


One of our media Alligators blogged in this week that KRQE-TV had scored a win in the 1o p.m July news ratings for the "umpteenth"time, but the research director for KOAT-TV pointed out:

KRQE did win Monday-Friday 10 PM – but it was a tie between us and KRQE Monday-Sunday 10PM, as both stations finished with a 6.7 rating.

July is the least watched of the rating periods, so results are not as closely watched. If KOAT can pull off a victory or a tie at 10 in the November ratings, it would signal a major shift in viewing habits for the late news broadcasts.


If Susana Martinez is having any early funding problems, they're not showing up on the tube. Our media insiders say the Republican Guv nominee is spending neck and neck with Dem Guv nominee on ABQ TV. However, Di is outspending Susana on cable and she also has radio spots airing. Martinez does not.

In the last finance reports filed shortly after the June 1 primary Martinez reported her cash on hand had dwindled to less than $150,000 while Denish had $2 million in the Bank. The next reports aren't due until mid-September.

It takes about $100,000 a week to stay up on broadcast TV with a decent buy.

Martinez will attend a Sept. 14 DC fund-raising lunch sponsored by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell where tickets are going for up to $10,000 a pop. Other ticks are on sale for $5,000 and $1,000 a pop. Ex-Senator Pete Domenici and former ABQ US Rep. Heather Wilson are on the host committee. Feeling generous? You can email cmartinez@susana2010.com for more info.


And now the really important news....

The 2010 New Mexico State Fair...will host the second annual statewide “Governor’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge” on Wednesday, September 15.

Governor Richardson called for the statewide culinary challenge in 2009 after the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, New Mexico garnered national attention on the Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” ...Buckhorn owner Bobbie Olguin defeated host Bobby Flay in the battle for the best green chile cheeseburger and had viewers all over the country craving a bite of one of New Mexico’s culinary treasures.

The winner of the “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge” will receive a special plaque and automatic entry into the New Mexico Tourism Department’s Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail.

Want to compete? Here's the application.

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Reporting to you from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan.

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