Friday, December 17, 2010

Pardon the Kid? You're Kidding, Right Bill? Plus: GOP Gadflys In Senate Race As Heavyweights Still On Sidelines 

And we thought it might be a pardon for Carlos Fierro that Big Bill might be considering in his final days in office, but he is back on his Billy the Kid kick. Don't do it, Bill, or we're revoking your passport and keeping you in Pyongyang. From the Guv's office:

Governor Richardson announced his office has received a formal petition for the pardon of Billy the Kid which he will consider and make a decision on before the end of the year. Governor Richardson is seeking input on the petition and has set up a website and email address where history buffs, experts, other interested parties and the general public can weigh in on its merits.

The petition centers around the widespread belief that Territorial Governor Lew Wallace promised Billy the Kid a pardon in return for damning testimony The Kid gave during a murder trial. The petition is narrow in scope and does not argue for a blanket pardon of all of Billy the Kid’s activities. The petition can be read by logging onto this web site.

Okay, before Bill does this he needs to check with KOB-TV news anchor Nicole Brady whose great-great-great grandfather, Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady, was gunned down and killed by The Kid in an ambush. If she says it's alright, then we'll change our mind. But as for a pardon for Carlos Fierro, you are on your own on that hot potato, Guv.


No, we have not heard of a single Democratic name being floated as a possible opponent for Republican Steve Pearce in the southern Congressional district in 2012. Have you?


Some Christmas Eve marching orders for the chefs in the room.


Former NM GOP Chairman John Lattauzio comes with this smiler:

I think everyone should lighten up on President Obama. The stimulus is working. Why, just one month ago, he got jobs for 63 Republicans.


From Santa Fe comes the word on the outcome of the State House GOP caucus meeting late Thursday:

The House Republican Caucus held their leadership election Thursday at the Capital Building. During the meeting the 33 members of the House Republican Caucus elected Representative Don Bratton (R-Hobbs) as the new Minority Whip.

“I’m grateful and humbled by this opportunity to serve,” said Bratton who has served in the Legislature since 2001, “This is pivotal time in the history of New Mexico and I look forward to the opportunity of taking on the challenges facing our state.”

The Alligators had predicted Bratton would prevail over Rep Hall in the contest to replace Keith Gardner as minority whip. Keith leaves to become chief of staff for Susana Martinez.


The lawyers always do well, no matter the conflict:

The State Investment Council has spent $5 million on legal expenses as part of a federal investigation into public investment funds in New Mexico, according to a report released Tuesday.

We have a somewhat Republican candidate for the US Senate seat held by Dem Jeff Bingaman, but it's not the heavyweight name the crowd has been waiting for Greg Sowards, 61, of Las Cruces, who has sought the southern congressional seat unsuccessfully three times, says he will now go after the 2012 GOP senate nomination. This will be a candidacy that reflects Tea Party views:

The most pressing fight of our time involves the question; what will be the national atmosphere that our children’s children will live under? Will they have the liberty to experience and learn from those endearing lessons that freedom affords? Or, will they be deprived of that opportunity through governmental intervention and the squandering of their resources by short sighted politicians?...

Sowards has made money in Day care centers in Las Cruces and has shown a fondness for spreading it around in his campaigns.

Former ABQ GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson is thought by insiders to be mulling a bid against Jeff. Also mentioned as possible R contenders are Farmington's Allen McCulloch and Tom Mullins, who ran for the northern congressional seat this year. Another name floating is Kevin Daniels, owner of a funeral home chain. Another Tea Party-Republican gadfly type of candidacy was recently announced by Bill English of Alamogordo.

Wilson would appear to be a strong candidate for the GOP, but remember she lost the Senate nomination to the more conservative Steve Pearce in 2008. Even though Sowards is a second-tier contender, his candidacy is a reminder to her that a top contender who comes at the nomination from the hard right could again give her a load of trouble. For Bingaman, it would be a prayer answered if the most conservative GOP candidate to enter the field took the prize.


Ray Powell Sr., a former chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party and the 1986 Democratic nominee for Governor, has died. He was the father of Ray Powell Jr. who was elected state land commissioner Nov. 2.

Ray Powell Sr. was a major political player in his day, providing counsel to a wide range of politicos, most notably his friend and former Governor Bruce King. Powell, who passed away Thursday morning, came to New Mexico in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos and later helped initiate the founding of Sandia Labs where he served as an executive vice-president.

We remember him most for that 1986 election when it was clear that no Democrat could be elected in the wake of Governor Toney Anaya who left office with popularity rankings in the cellar. But Powell was a trooper, carrying the Dem banner high even as it was tattered and torn. Republican Garrey Carruthers won that year.

Ray Powell Sr. lived in ABQ. He was 90.


Both of the US Senators from Vermont and Oregon also voted "no" on the tax deal this week. In a first draft Thursday we said New Mexico's US Senators were the only senators from the same state to both vote no. Part of the problem was an incomplete list from "The Hill" newspaper. The other part was our eyesight. At first glance we didn't see the Vermont senators on the list...

A reader comments on what we dubbed a "Dear John" letter sent to one of our readers who applied for a job with the Martinez transition:

FYI--everyone who applied for a job through the Martinez Transition Team website received a "Dear John" letter, even those, like my husband, who have been interviewed...

Well it will be the "Dear John" letter for those who don't get that coveted interview and unfortunately that will have to be most who apply...

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