Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Clippings From My Newsroom Floor 

Here's a clip from our newsroom floor that tells of the challenge ABQ GOP congressional hopeful Janice Arnold-Jones is going to have in defeating Dem hopeful Michelle Lujan Grisham:

House Republicans have reserved $18.2 million in post-Labor Day television airtime, spread across 27 competitive districts.

The ABQ district is not one of the "27 competitive districts."

Hey, Ben Ray, are you going to listen to your elders? The northern New Mexico Dem congressman isn't being taken to the woodshed, but New Mexico Senior Senator Jeff Bingaman is making it clear Ben Ray is jumping the gun when it comes to his proposal for using the campus of the Santa Fe Indian School...

Speaking of Jeff, we almost put this clip in the circular file, but it deserves better:

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) received the Stewart Udall Award from the Conservation Lands Foundation for his leadership on public lands issues, particularly for his role in spearheading the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009. This bill protected over 2 million acres of public land and made permanent the National Conservation Lands, the Bureau of Land Management’s system of protected public lands....

They may have started slow, but the editorial page editors of the ABQ Journal have caught up when it comes to the deep-seated problems at the ABQ Police Department:

If the mayor and the chief are serious about improving APD they will  finally have to face the fact they need to change its culture--a  culture that has fostered officers in uniform flashing gang symbols and  firearms, stating “some people are alive only because killing them is illegal,” mocking the death of a prominent civil rights attorney,  kicking a man in the head and then chest-bumping in victory, shelling out close to a million bucks after imprisoning a man for almost a year  on a false confession, shooting 24 men since 2010 (17 fatally) and  paying out up to $500 to officers involved in shootings.
Granted, some of these things have been corrected or dealt with. As individual incidents. But what is needed is a zero tolerance of conduct unbecoming of APD’s  dedicated and professional law enforcement officers--instead of  reacting to and/or defending every unbecoming action by the dangerously  unprofessional members of the force.

And what does Mayor Berry have to say about all this? Nada. And that's why a formal investigation of the numerous police shootings by the US Department of Justice is still a possibility.

We get this reader report on a offbeat development around here:

A gas station in town is selling on the counter, stacked by the register,  the June 2012 Vol. 1 edition of "Mugshot Junkie," a color newspaper  with names and faces, just like the ABQ Journal's periodic DWI and property crimes pages. Except this is 24 pages of it and nothing else, save for photos of missing kids, a jail bond ad and a page or so of articles about "chicken thief covered in chicken poop" and the like. A clerk  says it's crazy popular. It is hundreds of mugshots and names. The clerk said people buy it for $1.99 to check out the goofy-looking mugshots of friends or people they've heard from friends about being popped for everything from bad checks to DWI to burglary to assault--sorted by type of  offense. So much for the "shame them" element of the Journal's special sections on DWI and property crimes arrests. Maybe this was the market all along.


One of our readers sent it this and we think it has real potential:

Cable  TV  behemoth Time Warner says it’s a first in the history of the  industry: A candidate for elected office (in Hawaii)--Linda Lingle, the former  Republican  governor and upset-seeking open-seat Senate candidate--has  launched her own cable network. LL2012 can be found on digital channel 110 (right  next to Fox News) on the Time Warner system that serves the  islands--allowing Lingle to have a more or less constant presence  everywhere on  the far-flung archipelago. 

Talk about to good to be true. Could you imagine a world in which New Mexico politicians all pitched in and bought their own cable station where their commercials would run 24 hours a day, but be taken off the other stations? Well, you can always pray....

This is the home of New Mexico politics.

Reporting to you this week from Albuquerque, I'm Joe Monahan

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