Monday, May 27, 2013

Former Cabinet Secretary Dumped By Guv Says Once He Was Blind But Now He Sees; What Rick May Didn't Know That He Should Have  

Rick May
Rick May is looking to cry on the public's shoulder, but the former Martinez cabinet secretary is not going to get much sympathy over his tale of woe and mistreatment at the hands of Chief of Staff Keith Gardner.

May, armed with an impressive resume that includes service on the House Budget Committee in DC, quit a good job as director of government relations for Sandia Labs and in 2011 took a $25,000 pay cut to become the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration.

Apparently he wasn't reading the blog and actually thought he would be able to exercise independent thinking. Says May today:

I was excluded from everything...I was sending memos about this budget issue, that budget issue. I’d never get anything back....All I would get were screaming matches telling me that my ideas were politically stupid. Gardner would tell me, ‘This idea’s stupid. This is political suicide.'"

May clarified later in the interview that Gardner didn’t actually scream at him. Instead, May characterized the exchanges as “harsh criticism” of his ideas by Gardner and others...

That May did not know going in that he would be a servile minion and that Gardner answers directly to Martinez political consultant Jay McCleskey--known far and wide as "The Shadow Governor"--seems ludicrous. But some folks just have to touch the burner on the stove to see if it's hot--Mr. May clearly being one of them.

Shortly after Martinez took office we were at Starbucks and ran into Allen Weh, the former NM GOP chairman who ran against Martinez for the 2010 Guv nomination. We had a rocky relationship with him in part because of our years long reporting here of how a small network of lobbyists and consultants ultimately controlled the party and how they benefited financially. That network included McCleskey and lawyer/lobbyists Mickey Barnett and Pat Rogers. Even though Santa Fe lobbyist Barnett in 2004 openly ran his own slate of legislative candidates in the GOP primary and that same year the gang all openly ganged up to oust Ramsay Gorham as GOP chair, Weh and others still insisted that we had it wrong.

That day at Starbucks--and I don't think Weh will mind us telling it now--he shook my hand and said (we paraphrase): "I really didn't get what you were writing or talking about when I was chairman, but when I became a candidate I saw it all. I see now that you were right all along..."

And now Rick May can also exclaim, "Once I was blind, but now I see."

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