Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Update: NM Politics Shaken By Revelation That Ex-Fundraiser for Gov. Martinez Says She Was Interviewed by FBI About ABQ Downs Racino; Andrea Goff's Full Statement Is Here 

Andrea Goff
Wow. After an intense week of speculation, Andrea Goff, the ex-fund-raiser for Governor Martinez, blew the lid off New Mexico politics and delivered a shocker--She confirms that she has been interviewed by the FBI about the ABQ Downs racino, Here is the complete statement she releases from Hobbs Saturday afternoon that shook the Governor and her political team who had insisted there had been no federal law enforcement inquires regarding activities at the racino whose owners were awarded  a controversial 25 year lease under the Martinez administration.

The following statement was released by Andrea Goff, former Finance Director of Susana Martinez for Governor and SusanaPAC and former Executive Director of the 2010 Inaugural Committee:

"Due to intense speculation and misinformation, I feel it is appropriate to come forward and acknowledge that I complied with a request from the FBI to answer questions related to various activities including those related to the Downs Racino. At the request of the FBI and on the advice of my attorney, Terence Hart of Bracewell Giuliani, I will not be answering any questions about the specifics of my interview. However, I will add that none of the questions were related to the recent investigation and indictment of Jamie Estrada.

I, like any of the others questioned, did not ask to be involved in this investigation and I hope you will respect everyone's privacy. I will not be making any further comments on this matter now or in the future."

Goff told me in a phone interview that her interview with the FBI had taken place in the last three weeks. Here's more from the Santa Fe Reporter.

Goff's father-in-law is a state fair commissioner. She is a longtime fund-raiser for GOP Congressman Steve Pearce and is currently heading up his fund-raising for his 2014 campaign.

Whether the FBI had or had not been asking questions about the ABQ Downs racino led to a media battle between the Santa Fe Reporter and KRQE-TV. SFR said its sources said the FBI had been asking questions. KRQE said the SFR was wrong. Goff's statement appears to settle the matter--SFR had it right and KRQE had it wrong. More to come...

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