Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Photo Fun From The Matanza 

It is with true relief that we report to you today that Governor Martinez's recent weekend matanza in the ABQ South Valley was conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Committee on Chicharrones of which we are a proud honorary member.

As you can see from the posted photo taken by a Senior Alligator, the chicharrone pot is being overseen by two individuals--always preferable as one stir master could easily fall victim to other matanza enticements--like free beer, raven-haired beauties or heaping bowls of posole.

Most important--the chief chicharrone stirrer is using the required wooden paddle. Also, the attire of the chicharrone masters--old hooded sweatshirts and faded, well-worn jeans is all in proper order.

Governor Martinez apparently did not take part in any chicharrone stirring, saving herself from any possible errors that could be politically deadly.

The lore of La Politica includes a Democratic Lt. Governor candidate--whose name we will mercifully keep anonymous--who used an aluminum paddle to stir the chicharrones at a political rally. He was never heard from again.

The Committee on Chicharrones congratulates the organizers of the matanza and for managing to scare up more than a dozen Republicans to attend such an event in ABQ's South Valley. That may have been a first.


"We've got the world on a string, Chuck, or at least let's pretend we do."

That seems to capture the matanza mood of Governor Martinez as she shares an embrace with hubby Chuck Franco.

The day after the matanza the newspaper came with a front-pager delving ever deeper into the shady lease deal for the racino at the Downs at ABQ.

But that all looks far in the future for the joyous first couple. "Forget about manana, Chuck. Pass the chicharrones!"


Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the Guv's matanza. We were previously committed to a high-level and secret meeting of South Valley penitentes who for the first time in their 400 year history were considering admitting an out-of-state Anglo to their religious order.

We anxiously await the decision of the order and can only hope that our insistence on enforcing proper matanza decorum will bolster our chances of admission.

Meanwhile, the Alligators brought us back a matanza souvenir--our very own "I Stand with Susana" sticker. You can bet we will wear it proudly when Sen. Lopez convenes her legislative hearing on that Downs racino deal.

Thanks for the company this week.

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