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Friday Clippings From Our Newsroom Floor 

Organ Mts Las Cruces
Phil Archuleta won't be number 11. So says Dem Dona Ana County Chair Christy French. She reports that Archuleta will seek re-election, despite speculation to the contrary here and elsewhere. Archuleta, serving his first term, missed the entire 2014 legislative session because of serious health problems.

So far 10 House members have said they won't seek re-election. While Christy says Archuleta of Las Cruces will file for re-election March 11, our Senior Alligators are still hedging. They are watching to see if Archuleta stays in for the duration and doesn't withdraw. If he did, it would mean Dona Ana County Dem Central Committee members would name a replacement.

Former Dem Andy Nunez plans on running for the seat as a Republican.

More Dem news:

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that native New Mexican and political operative Raul Alvillar will be the next Political Director at the DNC. DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman said:

Raul worked extensively in New Mexico politics, we know firsthand that he has great determination and political skills. . . I am very excited that Raul will be joining the DNC team and I look forward to working with him. . .

Alvillar was born in Albuquerque and worked for DPNM, Senator Udall and Richard Romero’s Congressional campaign before working in the White House. . . .


State Dems hold their preprimary convention Saturday at the Route 66 Casino and Hotel and there's  suspense over which of the 5 candidates will get at least 20% of the delegate support to win an official sport on the ballot. We'll cover the results on Twitter Saturday afternoon. Our handle is @newsguy44.

Speaaking of Twitter, a news reporter put out this tweet:

Gov. Susana Martinez says she's surprised by number of NM House incumbents not seeking re-election. At least 10 set to leave.

To which a Senior Alligator responds:

Why is she surprised? She is the reason they are quitting.


An insider poll of the Dem preprimary delegates conducted Monday and that we released here showed a very high 32 percent of the delegates still undecided about their choice for Governor. One of those polled was Don Schiff. He comes with this sentiment:

 I think the number of undecided delegates reflects the disappointment of delegates in the lack of a first-tier candidate in the race. There is no clear path to victory in my view even if the many sins of Susana Martinez come home to roost! So I'm looking for at least a little political competence in the candidates, and thus far I have not found much. 

Observers estimate that between 1,300 and 1,500 Dems will vote in that preprimary contest.


This TV news report regarding former ABQ police Chief Ray Schultz is prompting retired APD sergeant and onetime mayoral candidate Paul Heh to demand a formal investigation of Schultz by the AG, Auditor, Bernallio County DA or FBI:

Albuquerque police use Taser’s stun guns, lapel cameras and more. Ray Schultz helped make APD one of Taser’s biggest clients before he retired as police chief--sending millions the company’s way. Schultz is now a consultant with the company--telling crowds at conventions about APD’s experience with the technology. “I’ve had a chance to go out and talk about technology and how it’s changing the face of law enforcement,” he said. In July, Taser and APD negotiated a five-year, $1.9 million deal for body cameras.


After the Thursday blog in which WIPP critic Don Hancock laid out the unanswered questions about the radiation leak at the low level nuclear waste storage site near Carlsbad, the pro-WIPP side sends this counterpoint piece from Forbes Magazine:

The amount of radiation released into the environment was a million times less than any EPA action levels, but to hear the outcry you’d think it was Chernobyl. On the other hand, the general public has become aware for the first time in 15 years that the United States has a successful permanent deep geologic repository for nuclear waste, the Waste Isolation.

The Dept. of Energy came with the latest WIPP update at a Carlsbad town hall.


"Senate Republicans, madam president, are addicted to Koch." -Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, comparing the Koch Brothers to a certain illegal drug.

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