Friday, June 06, 2014

The Election Week That Was 

Election Night on KANW-FM (Bralley)
Here we are on the radio Election Night with State Rep. Gail Chasey and others mulling over the early vote totals and wondering about turnout.

We ran a contest on our Twitter account asking for predictions for how many Dems would vote in Tuesday's Guv primary contest. Guesses were all over the map but reader Melanie Eastwood and family came the closest, predicting that 119,599 Dems would cast ballots for Governor. The latest count has 124,562 Dems voting.

Melanie wins lunch at MÁS, the scrumptious restaurant by Chef James Campbell Caruso at the Hotel Andaluz in downtown ABQ. Well done, Melanie (and family).

However, we are not going to feed the political pros who came the closest. That's their job. They included NM pollsters Brian Sanderoff and Bruce Donisthorpe who both predicted 120,000 Dems would vote. Jon Lipschutz, campaign manager for Guv hopeful Howie Morales, was another pro who was near the mark. He said 119,000 would vote.

Congrats, fellas. Maybe Melanie will share an appetizer with you. . .

Speaking of pros, longtime Dem consultant Mark Fleisher has been on a roll. In the 2012 Dem primary all of his five candidates ended in the winner's circle. On Tuesday his streak continued when his four candidates  took the prize. But it looked iffy for a time. One of those hopefuls--state treasurer candidate Tim Eichenberg--was on the ropes for a time, but bounced back at the end and defeated John Wertheim. And another Fleisher client--Sandy Jones--only won the Dem nomination to the southern Public Regulation Commission seat by 131 votes. But a win is a win. . . .

Gary King campaign manager Jim Farrell was another of the pros who added to his list of victories. It appeared King had been knocked out of the race when he finished last at the March Dem preprimary but Farrell correctly predicted it would be a blip on the radar.  In 2006, Farrell helped bring home a win for US Sen. Jon Tester of Montana.


Reader Robert Behrendt writes:

(Democratic Guv nominee) Gary King lacks emotive energy and must get acting lessons to pull off an upset of Susana Martinez. It is not his fault he grew up in the shadow of one of the greatest political personalities New Mexico has had in his father. It is quite natural that Gary comes across as soft spoken and on the timid side. He just needs some coaching by Steven Spielberg or Robert Redford to project more of what he is. He could be to New Mexico what Andy Griffith was to Mayberry.


In a blog post here Wednesday ABQ City Council President Ken Sanchez defended the cancellation of Monday's council meeting. It drew a variety of responses. A Bernalillo county employee at Government Center--where civil disobedience demonstrations disrupted the Mayor's office--and led to the building being locked down and the cancellation of Monday's council meeting by Sanchez, writes:

The lockdown of city hall was all grandstanding. They sent security officers to every floor ordering an evacuation. County offices remained opened as we refused to evacuate. There was no threat or danger to anyone. The city spins the web to generate sympathy pretending to be so scared and frightened for their safety. The tragedy is that many people believe the protesters were unruly and out of control

And another:

The response of Council President Sanchez in the blog Wednesday underscores that this City Council is taking their cue from the Mayor and acting out of fear in dealing with their constituents. Coverage of the protests clearly shows a peaceful protest that was responded to with an unnecessary armed response. Why isn't the Council calling for a review of the decision to shut down Government Center and divert vital police resources to a non-event? If the Council doesn't want to hear from their constituents why are they in office?

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