Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Clippings From Our Newsrooom Floor 

A reader reports in on former NM State Senate powerhouse Manny Aragon:

Manny Aragon has finally asked his girl friend, Barbara C de Baca to marry him.

Well, did she say  "yes?"

Other readers who have met with Aragon--who was released from Federal prison last December after serving five years on corruption charges--say he is dictating notes for a forthcoming book on his life and times.

That ought to be interesting. A number of you reading this will probably figure prominently in Manny's recollection of his years in politics. Stay tuned. . .


Not Richard Nixon. Gov. Nixon of Missouri. Reader Ken Rooney writes from DC:

I'm not one to be a defender of Martinez, but the attempt to compare Nixon's involvement in the fatal police shooting in

Ferguson with Martinez and the APD is a bridge too far. You commented that, "Martinez is somewhat of a national figure, so why shouldn't she be taking some heat like Nixon for the APD crisis being investigated by the Dept. of Justice?" Well, for one, Martinez isn't in charge of APD; that's a municipal entity. Gov. Nixon has drawn criticism in recent days because he called in state troopers and the state national guard to take control of security. I haven't seen any calls for Martinez to likewise activate the NM guard or have DPS supplant those at the top of APD. And let's be honest, that would require her to do something, like take responsibility. Love the blog.

Good point, Ken. Let's expand the conversation. Never has ABQ received such negative national publicity as it has over the violent crime here and the crisis in APD. The metro is the driver of the state economy. In that context should our statewide leadership be taking more of an active interest in how things are being handled here? Just askin'. . .

Okay, maybe right now it is actually the epic boom in the SE NM oilfields that is the state's chief economic driver. Get a load of this:

Next year, the Land Office expect another record-setting year, with conservative projections calling for $800 million (in oil and gas royalties)and up.

"Oil and gas production has been up 20 percent in the last two years, and we really don't have any signs of slowing in the next five," said State Land Commissioner Ray Powell, who is charged with administering public lands, including oil and gas leases. "So far it's been primarily focused in the Permian Basin (in the southeastern part of the state), but it's looking good for the Four Corners as well with the resources up there and the new technologies."

$800 million a year and we can't find an effective way to spend some of that money to get us out of the cellar in all these national social conditions rankings?


Joe Monahan
We opened the can of worms this week on whether "Burque" is a common nickname. Reading the mail has been fun. Here's some more:

Joe, It has to be pronounced correctly--"boood-keh"   not "berkey."

This reader says it's neither Burque or Albuquerque:

Ask anybody born raised in ABQ, or born in NM and grew up in ABQ, especially males from Manzano, Sandia, and Highland high schools, during late 50'searly 60's, and they'll tell you it's "Querque".v"Burque" is lame, lame, lame! We guess it was those carpet bagging imports that came up with Burque in the 70s.

Paul  Roybal writes:

A few years back while vacationing in Maui I was at a T-shirt shop making idle conversation with a  young gentleman when he asked where I was from to which I proudly responded “Albuquerque, New Mexico.” His wife, overhearing our conversation from afar, responded: “Burque bro!”.

Joseph Padilla writes:

I disagree with the assessment of the nick name "Burque." I was born, raised, and live here. I am of the working class and travel around the state for work. To sum it up, I hear the city referred to as "Burque" more than Albuquerque. Either way, I like your blog.

And we like having you with us, Joseph.

Thanks for stopping by this week.

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