Friday, August 08, 2014

The TV Ad Gary King Should Be Running Right Now  

Here's the ad Dem Guv nominee Gary King ought to be running, say several of our sharp-eyed readers. It is a hard-hitting spot on the jobs plight in Wisconsin presided over by GOP Governor Scott Walker. A key line: "Wisconsin is dead last in Midwest job growth."

The ad shoots down Walker's 2010 election pledge to bring 250,000 jobs to Wisconsin, condemning his efforts as "not even close."

Dem Mary Burke is working for the Wisconsin upset as is King in NM. The difference is Burke is up with good TV in August giving her plenty of time to make her case to the electorate. She is hitting hard to make that case--the only way to unseat a high-profile incumbent.

While Burke shows how it's done King and the NM Democrats have been unable or unwilling to bring to the fore New Mexico's jobs crisis--one that is far worse than Wisconsin's. We rank at or near the bottom of the nation in job creation, not to mention our poor performance in economic indicators across the board.

Instead of hearing about the economic trials of Mr. and Mrs. New Mexico, we get MEGO (my eyes glaze over) stories about court fights over campaign contributions and process stories about allowing independent voters to take part in the primaries of the major parties. (A worthy subject, but one that does nothing to motivate voters in the middle of a campaign.)

To quote Burkes' ad the stuff you are getting is "not even close" to what the Dems need to be doing to have any chance of taking out Martinez. . .

Meanwhile, Martinez is back pounding King on TV. In her newest ad she accuses him of voting for the largest tax hike in state history in 1987 when he served in the legislature (although the ad forgets to insert the word "state.") The ad also says King voted to increase his legislative pay. King has no TV ads running at this time.


Even the Dem leaning media can't seem to show its fangs. For example, the Santa Fe New Mexican thinks Martinez should have multiple debates with King because it would be (hold on to your hat) good "practice" for when she is seeking national office:

Martinez remains under wraps in New Mexico. Debating her gubernatorial opponent is the kind of challenge she should seize--after all, some day she may be duking it out at a Republican presidential debate, or in a face off against a Democratic vice presidential nominee. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

Practice for national office? Seriously? Well, the press--like a lot of others--is going to lay down its arms if King doesn't start showing some fight and organization. That soft, off-the-reservation editorial shows it has already started.

As for the debates, Martinez so far has confirmed only one with King. That tells you all you need to know about the state of the race. . .

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