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Your Chance To Be Governor For A Day And Earn A Handsome Reward, Plus: Ecstasy At Expo And The Boyd Case And The Legal Beagles 

We all know the problems, so what about the solutions? Well here's your chance to put in your two cents worth on what you would do about them if you were Governor for a day.

It's not only a chance to put your thinking cap on but the best entry is going to win one heck of a prize--two tickets valued at $170. 00 to this Friday's Vintage Albuquerque Grand Tasting at the ABQ International Balloon Museum. The tasting will feature only the best food and wine from the best restaurants in the metro (think Artichoke Cafe, Prairie Star and the rest of the best). The yearly event never disappoints.

Also, we will take the best reader answers for use in our bi-monthly column in the ABQ Free Press. As a possible future governor, you're worthy of some free press.

Email your three proposals to jmonahan@ix.netcom.com. They can be simple bullet points or a narrative of up to 75 words. We'll accept anonymous proposals but they won't be eligible for the Grand Tasting tickets. The deadline for submission is today--June 23 at 6 p.m.

Thanks to Vintage ABQ for making our contest possible and for again sponsoring the premier food and wine event of New Mexico. Funds raised each year are dedicated to supporting much-needed art education programs and outreach activities focused on K-12 students in the city and state. Even if you don't win our prize this is an event that will bring you and others much pleasure and satisfaction. Tickets available here.

Now please raise your right hand as we swear you in as Governor of New Mexico for 24 hours.

"I (your name) hereby pledge to offer three of my best ideas for improving New Mexico and further pledge to immediately implement them through emergency order upon assuming gubernatorial powers for a 24 hour period."

So move over, Susana. You get a day off. A deserving prize winner will be sure to keep your chair warm.


The head of NM Expo describes himself as "ecstatic" over the $2.5 million in capital outlay that the dilapidated fairgrounds will get as a result of the special legislative session, even though that is only a miserly slice of the over $11 million it first requested.

What we are witnessing is the management of a slow decline at the fairgrounds--not that it started entirely under those currently in charge. One can argue that the long-decaying Tingley Coliseum is a symbol of the state's inability to look forward but instead opt to to patch things up like hand-me-down clothes. The chief at NM Expo has reason to be "ecstatic" about having a pretty good job. Otherwise, these are some of the saddest days ever for the once-storied state fairgrounds.


Our Legal Beagles say the chances of ABQ police officers Keith Sandy and Dominque Perez standing trial on murder charges for the fatal shooting of homeless camper James Boyd has taken a big leap forward. That's as a result of the first major decision from  Randi McGinn, the special prosecutor in the case. Here's how one of the Beagles barks:

She did not go for a first-degree murder charge that the DA talked about, opting instead for murder in the second-degree. She is also including lesser charges like aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter. This means at the preliminary hearing for the officers (scheduled in August) the judge may be more likely to find probable cause for some of the charges and order the officers to stand trial.

The Beagles also say the many lesser charges could also improve the chances of a conviction in the case but on charges that do not carry the most severe penalty.

The 2014 Boyd shooting--shown across the globe on police lapel camera video--shocked the city and led to street protests and calls for APD reform. McGinn was named special prosecutor for the case by BernCo DA Kari Brandenburg who said her office would have a conflict of interest prosecuting the cops.

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