Friday, July 24, 2015

Ugly Rhetoric In Santa Fe, Those Government Jobs And A Letter From Springer 

State Auditor Tim Keller continues to get under the skin of the Guv's political machine as he reports on his investigation of possible preferential treatment of a former client of the taxation and revenue secretary. The ugly rhetoric raining down on Keller prompts NM columnist Ned Cantwell to write:

That rush to judgment mentality, the hate and vilify your opponent mindset, is exactly the reason so many younger citizens find the political system a joke and therefore refuse to identify with either party. They don’t take politicians seriously. . .And if Martinez prefers knife throwing to diplomacy, she is doing the state a significant injustice. A common thread of commentary concludes New Mexico is losing steam. People want to leave. Companies don’t want to invest. Raising capital is difficult. Last on every list. Etcetera. I wonder why?

Keller's findings of possible wrongdoing are on the desk of Attorney General Balderas and await action. Balderas is watching closely the abuse Keller is taking. And the Machine knows it.


Oh, no! Not more government jobs. Someone call the "diversification cops" because what job growth we're seeing is a result of tax dollars at work:

Employment growth in education and health services outperformed all other industries in New Mexico in June. Not only that, but the industry also added more jobs than it has since January 1991 — 7,700 jobs. Growth in the industry made up about 45 percent of the sum of all year-over-year job gains in June and education and health services' gains have not fallen below 4,000 jobs in the past 10 months.

Much of the growth in health care employment can be traced to expansion of the Medicaid program for low-income New Mexicans. Education funding is the largest component of the state budget and also subsidized by federal spending.


Colfax County Commissioner Landon Newton, a resident of Springer, writes:

I take issue with your comment this week that the rural towns are being hammered hardest by poverty and if you'd like to see an example just drive around Springer or Raton.

Our town, Springer, is a clean well kept town. The town employees work hard to keep the town in great condition. Our local leaders are working toward growing economic development in Springer. The Chamber of Commerce is active and promotes our town. The same goes for Raton and our other communities in Colfax County. Are there things that need improvement; do we have some vacant buildings and homes? Yes, of course we do. However, we are definitely not what I would consider a depression town of the 1930's.

Colfax County has some of the most beautiful scenery in the state of NM. There are many things to do in the county. Philmont Scout Ranch employees over 1200 seasonal employees every summer. 

Finally, come up to Springer for the Colfax County Fair and Rodeo on August 8th. We will treat you to an old fashion parade, home cooked BBQ and a great Rodeo.

We just might take you up on that Fair and Rodeo invite, Landon. The scenery is spectacular and the people friendly.

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