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Holly Holm Glorified, Report Says NM Worst Run State In USA, Berry Seems Scared, Killing Obamacare And Time For APD Judge To Kick Some A**? 

That's Me
On the other hand, the glorification of fighter Holly Holm combined with the notoriety ABQ has received from the "Breaking Bad" TV series may not be the best PR for a city where the violent crime rate has soared and whose police department is under a federal consent decree. . . .

Do you get the vibe that deep down ABQ Mayor Richard Berry is kind of afraid?:

Since May, Berry and his spokesperson have repeatedly failed, or refused, to answer questions from ABQ Free Press on a wide range of public-policy issues, including the $100 million bus rapid transit project he wants to put on Central Avenue and the retention bonuses for 19 members of the Albuquerque Police Department’s command staff.

Please, not again. New Mexico has the dubious distinction of being named by 24/7 Wall St. as the worst run state in the nation:

New Mexico is the worst-run state in the country with some of the worst social and economic outcomes. . . More than one in every 10 households in the state earns less than $10,000 each year, the second highest proportion after Mississippi. The state also struggles with one of the nation’s highest violent crime rates. Close to 600 violent crimes are reported each year per 100,000 state residents, one of the highest rates nationwide. Like a number of other states towards the bottom of this list, more people left New Mexico than arrived from April of 2010 through the middle of last year. . . 

Maybe someone will ask Gov. Martinez what she thinks of that and what her plans are to turn it around? Oops. We forgot. It has always been that way, always will be that way, our political leadership has nothing to do with it and if you don't like it you can get the hell out of here. Okay, now everyone back to the Holly Holm parade coverage.

The Association of Commerce and Industry says:

ACI has partnered with other local businesses and organizations to generate a survey for millennials who have left the state. If you know any millennials from New Mexico who are now working somewhere else, please ask them to take a few minutes to complete the survey.

They need a survey to find out the millennials are leaving because the job market here sucks?


Republicans in the  US Senate Thursday night voted to unravel Obamacare. NM Senator Udall said the bill passed by a vote of 52-47, though it is expected to be vetoed by the president, and the Senate vote is far short of what would be needed to override that veto:

. . . Five and a half years ago, thousands of New Mexicans couldn't afford to see a doctor when they got sick. Many more were one major illness away from bankruptcy. . . and they could be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. . . Today, over 230,000 more New Mexicans have insurance, and — thanks to the Affordable Care Act — health care is one of the strongest parts of our economy. Most importantly, I hear from New Mexicans regularly about how, thanks to the law, they can get life-saving care that they couldn't afford before.

We're hearing the same stories, Senator, and are perplexed by the hardcore opposition. In some cases, small business owners tell us their insurance costs have gone up. Maybe more work needs to be done in that regard. But with more than 230, 000 New Mexicans now insured, why make the perfect the enemy of the good?


Judge Brack
NM US District Court Judge Robert Brack is overseeing APD reforms for the use of excessive force mandated by the Department of Justice. But clearly it is time for the judge--putting it directly--to kick some ass:

APD has failed to submit an acceptable use-of-force policy for its officers as required by its settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, a special monitor in the case said. . . .James Ginger’s report covers APD’s progress from Feb. 1 to the end of May. Because there is no use-of-force policy, APD officers aren’t being properly trained in use of force, Ginger told U.S. District Court Judge Robert Brack. That means that cops can’t be properly supervised and judged on their use of force, which could lead to endless appeals by officers if they are disciplined for excessive use of force, Ginger said. Ginger submitted his 200-page report on the status of APD’s progress on the 280 goals established by last year’s settlement agreement with DOJ. So far, APD is in compliance with just 1.4 percent of those goals.

In compliance with only 1.4 percent of the goals? Come on Judge, if they're not laughing at your court they are at the least sporting big smirks. Or worse, they believe you are a softie and in cahoots with them because you are a Bush appointee. It's the APD brass who should be bending over and getting the boot on the butt--not you, sir.


A couple of corrections: It's Veronica Garcia--not Gonzales--who heads up NM Voices for Children . . .And Democratic Public Regulation Commission (PRC) candidate Cynthia Hall is not now employed at the PRC. She was once an attorney with the agency.

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