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Governors Gone Wild: Big Bill's Accident, Gary Running For Prez As Susana Recovers From Holiday Bash Gone Bad, Plus: SOS Race Begins And A Sanchez-Tripp Link  

It seems we have more than enough for an inaugural edition of "Governors Gone Wild."

There was Big Bill back in the headlines Wednesday being cited for leaving the scene of a downtown Santa Fe fender bender just hours before former GOP Governor Gary Johnson was again tilting at windmills and announcing a second Libertarian bid for president. And all that came against the backdrop of current Gov. Martinez trying to recover from her boozy pizza party that has put her through a political meat grinder. So let the finger-pointing among our Guvs begin:

Susana: Bill, can't you see karma is on my side. Your accident makes me look good. Just like that boat wreck you had down at Elephant Butte. You've been doing that for years. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Deal with it. 

Big Bill: Relax and have another drink or three, Susana. Soon enough you'll know what it's like to be banished from national office, just like me. And if the cocktails don't chill you out, try throwing some bottles off a hotel balcony. I hear that works nicely.

Governor Gary: Look, when I'm president I'll settle this. Bill will be my spokesman for national auto safety and Susana will be the national anti-DWI coordinator. Both will report directly to me under the Office of Cannabis. Now pass that joint. . . 

This seems an appropriate time to issue belated birthday greetings to our fair state which marked its 104th birthday Wednesday. Thanks to the current and former governors for their gifts.


GOP Secretary of State Dianna Duran crushed her hopes last time but maybe this time--with a little help from Duran's sorry record as Secretary of State--Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver will have a better shot. She will make official her entry into the race for the Dem SOS nomination today, saying, "I'm running to restore integrity and public trust in the Secretary of State's office."

That is more than campaign rhetoric as Duran became the first SOS in state history to resign when she became embroiled in a campaign finance scandal that was brought about by her gambling addiction.

Becoming the first GOP SOS since the 30's when she defeated incumbent Dem Mary Herrera in 2010, Duran was sentenced to a month behind bars.

Duran defeated Oliver in 2014 for another four year term ending in 2018. But because she resigned the office it is back on the ballot in '16 to fill out the rest of her term. The office will again be on the ballot for a full four year term in 2018. GOP ABQ City Councilor Brad Winter was appointed by the Governor to fill Duran's shoes, but he says he will not seek election. No R's are yet officially in the race.

The wild card for Oliver is if any other Dems challenge her for the nomination in the June primary. So far, the coast is clear.


Why is it only APD reporting this problem among police departments around the state?

The big question: Why can't we staff the department? Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden says the department has been inundated with applications, but very few are making the cut. He told city council this week full staffing likely wouldn't be reached until summer 2017. "We had an applicant disclose to us that they were involved in stealing copper," Eden said.  That sums up Eden's frustration -- hundreds of APD applicants with no business being cops.


Reader Preciliano Martín in Raton thinks he has discovered one of the biggest secrets of La Politica. Look at this picture, he says, and ask if anyone can any longer deny that State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez and State House Speaker Don Tripp are actually twin brothers? Preciliano is busy digging deep into the family archives of both leaders to confirm this astounding discovery.

And look at this: The "twins" are meeting today in the first step to craft a deal over the divisive issue of driver's licenses. If the upcoming legislative session goes smoothly despite the political differences between Dem Sanchez and Republican Tripp, you'll know why. It's all in the family!

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