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The Guv's Office Really, Really Doesn't Like Michael Sanchez; We Have An Example, Plus: Boom! 25% Of State's Population Receives Food Stamps; May Be Historic High As Slow Motion Econ Crisis Drags On 

They really, really don't like Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez on the Fourth Floor of the Roundhouse where Governor Martinez and her staff hold forth. How much do they dislike him? Well. . .

One of our Alligators was visiting the Fourth Floor recently (they're everywhere!) and got this screen grab outside the Guv's office of the wireless networks available there. One of them is named "MichaelSanchezHatesNewMexico." Who that wifi network belongs to is unknown (no way that's you, Susana?) but it publicly captures the depth of hostility the Guv and her political machine have for the Valencia County lawmaker who has often frustrated the Governor by derailing her legislative proposals.

The Fourth Floor is obviously relishing the candidacy of GOP attorney Greg Baca who filed for the Sanchez seat this week and is unopposed in the primary. Sanchez is also unopposed for his party's nomination, setting the pair up for an expensive general election duel.

The Guv's machine failed miserably in trying to take out Sanchez four years ago. There were complaints from some R's then and we will no doubt hear them again that the money devoted to take out Sanchez could be better spent on other races that are more winnable.

In any event, after six years of unbridled animosity in New Mexico government, maybe it's time to "Stop the Hatin'."


Now more of our real deal economic coverage. The stuff you will only get here. . .

It was no small news that US District Judge Ken Gonzales issued an injunction that prevents NM from enforcing work requirements for certain food stamp (SNAP) recipients. But what really grabbed our attention was the statement from the Human Services Department that as of January there are now over 500,000 New Mexicans receiving the food assistance. It's 514,000 to be precise. With a state population of 2.086 million as of 2014, it means 25% of the state's residents are on food stamps. Wow.

We think that is an historic high as the rate has been hovering around the low 20's for a number of years. It speaks to the deepening and widening recession/stagnation gripping this state. The food stamp news comes on the heels of the shocker that in a year or so 50% of the state's population will be on the government Medicaid program.

New Mexico's economy is regressing; much of the population is going backwards. It is a slow motion crisis that our political and business leadership has been unable to interrupt.

The food stamp work rules that Gov. Martinez wanted impacted only a small portion of those receiving the benefit. Besides, it's jobs most people want, not government handouts. Didn't the Governor and her staff hear the news that 10,000 people recently applied for 290 jobs at the new ABQ Cheesecake Factory?

People are losing hope and leaving. The welfare state is deepening. The New Mexico that was always poor but not so impoverished is fading away. Leaders are needed who have a deep passion for the state, who are willing to admit this new reality and who are willing to take unpopular positions to address it.

Gentle reader, we've got to say it again, although it may sound like a broken record. Before this transformative economic era in this state is over you are going to see things you never thought you would see, like 25% of the population on food stamps and 50% on Medicaid.


Ed Perea
We blogged that Dem BernCo District Attorney candidate Ed Perea is a "cop turned lawyer and sometimes prosecutor." Perea writes:

Yes, I am a former “cop.” I strapped on a gun and vest for nearly 24 years. I lost my partner, Jerry Cline, who was killed in the line of duty in my rookie year. I worked my way up through the ranks taking on the toughest assignments, including supervising the Gang Unit. I prosecuted my first DWI case in the early 80’s. In 2005, I became a lawyer and prosecutor now handling cases as a Special Prosecutor. In the past 30 years I’ve probably spent more time in the courtroom then most legal professionals. I‘ve been a leader in law enforcement and the legal community. I’ve been appointed by the City Council to help revamp the Police Oversight Ordinance and was appointed by the County Commission to serve on the Code of Conduct Review (ethics) Board to ensure employees and elected officials are held accountable. Just a quick snapshot—but wanted to expand on being a former cop. Thanks, Joe.

Perea and Raul Torrez are seeking the Dem nod for district attorney in the June primary election.


Here's the obituary of former NM Congressman Tom Morris of Tucumcari who died at the age of 96. . . Some clean up: We blogged this week that 1954 was a presidential election year. It was not. . .And Dem ABQ State House candidate Damon Ely is a former Sandoval County Commissioner, not a current commissioner.

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