Friday, July 15, 2016

The Pence Pick And NM 

Trump's pick of Indian Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate won't make much of a splash in New Mexico. The conservative executive with close ties to the evangelical community will find a welcome mat--and perhaps some fundraising opportunities in SE NM--but his selection does nothing to change the state's status from "Safe Dem" in the fall election.

For Gov. Martinez, herself once touted as a potential '16 VP contender, the addition of Pence to the ticket does crack the door for her if Trump is elected president. As chair of the Republican Governors Association Martinez at least she knows the Indiana Governor. It may be Pence who now works to get Martinez off the fence and somehow give Trump an endorsement, no matter how tepid.

All in all, this is a problematic ticket for the nation's only female Hispanic governor with not much upside no matter what she does. So far she she has done nothing with Trump. That status quo may be her best bet if she is to keep her bona fides intact as a national Hispanic political figure.

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