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Another Edition of Reader Vox Populi: Udall's Guv Run, Blaming Dem Party "Elites" For Trump And New Mexicans Surviving The Donald  

Welcome back and into our latest edition of reader Vox Populi. We kick it off from Santa Fe with reader Bruce Wetherbee who comments on Dem US Senator Tom Udall discussing a possible run for the 20118 Democratic gubernatorial nomination:

Joe, I wrote you in August of 2013 suggesting that Tom would be running. I had noticed the money from major liberal donors had already been turned off for those running or thinking of running in the Democratic primary for a 2014 challenge to Susana Martinez.

While I predicted that Tom would be an 2018 gubernatorial candidate three years ago, I was then concerned and still am that the working families in New Mexico will be forced to wait for their marginally liberal savior Tom, in 2019, to change or at least fight seriously for them.

By the way, Democratic businessman Jeff Apodaca, son of former NM Governor Jerry Apodaca, checks in with your blog to say that he plans to seek the '18 Dem Guv nomination no matter who is in the race.

And this from a reader on the Democrats now being in charge of both the state House and Senate:

I have concern over the Dems over now controlling both branches of the legislature. They are already using the excuse that serious reform in budget-related matters would be vetoed by Susana. I get the feeling they will talk but not act on things that should be voted through on party line votes and stick them on her desk. If she vetoes, then so be it, she owns the failure all by herself.

When it meets in January the legislature will have to tackle a budget deficit for the current year of over $130 million and one that appears four times larger for the budget year that starts July 1, 2017


Mike Folsom is a member of the NM Democratic Party Central Committee. He writes of the presidential election:

Joe: There is persistent problem of entitlement that infects the Democratic Party establishment. In everything they do and say it is clear that "they know best." I won't rehash how this sense of entitlement handed the Governor's Office to Martinez but do need to point out the parallels between that series of events and the disastrous election that happened last Tuesday. 

The charge against this cartel of elites is simple. For several years their only interest was to elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency. They could care less that 40% of the people in the United States hated her or that she would carry more baggage into an election than LAX on the day before Christmas. They couldn't comprehend that this was a change election and many in our country wanted change no matter who brought it to them. 

Now the elites of the Party are stunned that the masses in many old industrial states actually had the gall to vote for Trump. Years ago Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and spat upon the base of the Party and it looks like they have returned the favor to the closest Clinton they could find.

As we fight to save Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, a women's right to choose, gay and lesbian rights, humanely deal with the undocumented and everything else under attack, we need to know why we are forced into this battle and who our real friends are and aren't. The elites of the Party who brought this disaster to our door need to resign from any and all party positions now. 


Reader David Ley, Ph.D, is not pleased with the election results, but says he will survive:

I've survived the past six years in a state with an administration led by a vindictive, retaliatory demagogue who discounts things she disagrees with. She once identified as Democrat and switched to Republican. She was painted as an outsider to traditional politics. She's battled viciously with leaders of her own party.

I've watched friends lose careers for crossing her and her cronies. Systems and social services dismantled. Underprivileged lose supports. Police became militarized. Children were abused and killed. Immigrants were demonized and denied rights. Murder and crime rates went through the roof. Our governor has been unwilling to admit any faults or mistakes. She attacks the press if they dare criticize her. The only "free" press in the state has been independent blogs.

Our State auditor is overwhelmed with procurement violations to investigate. Our attorney general is overwhelmed with investigations of the consequences of her petty vindictiveness. Our healthcare system has been devastated by her inadequate understanding of how things work, and the self-serving actions of the cronies she put in place. Our legislature is powerless because she intimidates legislators and local politicians to support her or face well-funded retaliation to get someone elected who will toe her line.

Our state is in an unprecedented deficit due to reduced taxes, exorbitant tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and an unwavering ideological commitment to never raise taxes. I know what the next four years look like. I've lived them for the past six. America? Welcome to New Mexico.


Our blog analyzing why Trump's economic message did not take hold in economic challenged New Mexico caught the attention of retired Dem ABQ District Court Judge Anne Kass:

I think you're on to something. Stephen Hawking said that his expectations were reduced to zero when he was 21 and that everything since then has been a bonus. There are tons of quotes about how happiness is the result of expectations and reality converging. It seems obvious to me that climate change demands a dramatic reduction of resource exploitation and consumption--expectations. Maybe having experience with an "anemic economy" is something to appreciate or at least consider appreciating--if happiness is a goal, that is. 

Obviously poverty, hunger, homelessness, lack of health care or access to education- are all too prevalent in New Mexico, but I want politicians who work to alleviate these without conceding that "the good life" can only be attained by having the highest wages on the planet.

Reader Douglas Carver thought our analysis of Trump in New Mexico was deficient:

Various studies have shown that Trump's strengths were greatest in areas with the least ethnic diversity. Trump's message did not resonate as strongly in the Land of Enchantment because our state has widespread ethnic diversity -- in its rural areas as well as its urban areas. Don't fall into the trap that it was about the economy. Please.

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A Dem state senator who once held the seat occupied by Republican Lisa Torraco was misidentified by one our of readers last week. The senator was Ann Riley. Torraco was defeated last week by Democrat Bill Tallman. . .

Incoming Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver could take office before January 1 and soon as December 9.  We posted an addendum to our Monday blog.

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